Security forces raid PDF terrorists in YeU, Sagaing Region, confiscates arms, ammunition

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Arms and ammunition were seized from PDF terrorists at the school in Taungpinnge village of YeU Township in Sagaing Region on 6 February.

Security forces yesterday raided so-called PDF terrorists who were camping in a school in Taungpyinnge village to commit acts of destruction in YeU Township in Sagaing Region.
A group of around 150 PDF terrorists and NLD extremists attacked the local police station and security forces in Winmanar village in Kani Township, Sagaing Region on the morning of 5 February. When security forces returned fire, the terrorists fled in disarray to Taungpyinnge village with heavy injuries. As they were camping in a school in the village, committing extortion from local people and preparing terrorist acts, security forces raided the school.
It was reported that the terrorists fled to the western part of the village and the security forces did not have casualty. However, one Skat motorcar, five homemade pistols, 7,000 rounds of AK ammunition, 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 3 magazines of AK, 13 hand grenades, 120 detonators, five Pyi of gunpowder, two suits of camouflage uniforms with TNLA badge and 10 camouflage uniforms without badge and other accessories.
As an intentional camping at the school that is not used for military purposes is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions and international law, effective action will be taken against those crime breakers under the Counter-Terrorism Law, the Penal Code and the relevant existing laws, and the security forces are continuing to take security measures in the area.—MNA

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