Seek the best way for electrification and consumption


Today, various electricity projects are being implemented at hydropower plants, national gas power plants and recycling power plants as well as coal-fired power plants to meet the demand of local people.
In fact, the electricity sector can produce some 4,200 megawatts at maximum. But the supply of electricity is lessening some 1,470 megawatts rather than the actual generation. Although the government is striving for generating electricity at full capacity, some 930 megawatts of electricity may be declining for various reasons. As a result, people partially face outages of electricity in limited times.
Currently, 65 per cent of generating electricity is based on natural gas, 40 per cent from hydropower, three per cent from coal and one per cent from renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy.
The government sets the 30-year national electrification plan to electrify the whole nation in 2030. As such, plans are underway to generate nine per cent of electricity from renewable energy.
At present, about 6.6 million families across the nation are consuming electricity from the national grids. If they efficiently use the electricity, they can save some 432 megawatts in total. Hence, people need to seek the best way to fully consume electricity and for the way how to efficiently consume it. Currently, the use of LED electronic accessories is the most appropriate for consumers.
To be able to meet the missions, the government has launched 13 projects to generate 370 megawatts of electricity based on solar energy. Meanwhile, a plan is underway to implement three solar power projects to generate 390 megawatts. Moreover, efforts are being made to implement floating solar projects, rooftop solar projects, and small and medium-scale hydropower projects the length and breadth of the nation.
In addition, the government is striving for management of the electricity trade with neighbouring countries such as China, India, Laos and Thailand. As part of efforts for implementing the electrification projects, Myanmar, being a member of the ASEAN, decides to take out 23 per cent of the total primary energy supply from renewable energy in 2025 as planned by the ASEAN.
That is why the government and the people need to build an understanding of how to manage electrification and how to efficiently use electricity under the prescribed disciplines. It will be the best way for both.


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