Seeking import licences before port arrival of goods mandatory

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Loading and unloading containers are seen at Yangon Port.

Seeking import licence for all types of goods including ones stored under customs warehousing before the goods arrive at the port is obligatory, according to the notification released by the Trade Department under the Ministry of Commerce.
The department apprised the importers of the rules and regulations for imports that need import licences as per the Export/Import Notification 7/2023 dated 22 March.
Earlier, the Trade Department under the Ministry of Commerce released Notification 50/2020 stating that all import items except goods stored in the Customs warehouse that need import licences were not allowed to arrive at the port before the port arrival processing permit to comply with the customs regulation stipulated in Notification 68/2019 of the Ministry Planning and Finance.
Additionally, importers were notified to face legal actions in line with the Export and Import Law if early arrival of the goods without import licence or permit of the departments concerned was found, as per export/import news letter 6/2022.
Therefore, an import licence is required for all items including goods to be stored at the Customs warehouse before arrival, intending to steer trading activities and maintain the quality of the goods due to failure to claim the goods from the Customs bonded warehouse for a long period.
Thus, the statements in Notification 50/2020 will cease to be in effect for six months from 1 April 2023 and suspension might extend, if necessary, the Trade Department notified. – NN/EM

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