Seintalone export to China plunges by half as against last year

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Eight per cent of Myanmar’s Seintalone goes to China. It fetches 100 Yuan per 16 kg box.

U Kyaw Soe Naing, general secretary of the Myanmar Mango Market and Technology Development Association, said Seintalone mango export this year is about 50 per cent less than in the corresponding period last year.
“The drop in mango export is attributed to China’s restriction in some border areas amid the COVID-19 and delays related to the COVID-19 containment measure (COVID-19 test for food packaging).
“China shut down many border posts. Only Kyinsankyawt post is available for cross-border trade, causing delays and long queue. It takes 4 to 5 days for a truck to enter the checkpoint. Heightening security measures on fruits and vegetables hinders the border trade,” U Kyaw Soe Naing continued.
Seintalone mangoes from Sagaing and Katha cities are daily sent to China on 10 to 15 trucks, Myanmar Mango Market and Technology Development Association stated.
Eight per cent of Myanmar’s Seintalone goes to China. It fetches 100 Yuan per 16 kg box.
Of about 200 mango varieties that originated in Myanmar, Seintalone, Shwehintha, Padamyar Ngamauk, Yinkwe, and Machitsu varieties are primarily grown.
The foreign market prefers the Seintalone type.
Ayeyawady Region possesses the most extensive mango plantation acres, having about 46,000 acres. Bago Region is the second-largest producer with 43,000 acres, and Mandalay has 29,000 acres of mango.
According to the association, there are over 24,000 acres in Kayin State, over 20,400 acres in Shan State and over 20,000 acres in Sagaing Region. — NN/GNLM

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