Shan’s fresh garlic price dramatically falls in Yangon market

On 6 March, Shan’s new garlic prices were falling in the Yangon market, at K4,000 per viss. The price was over K12,000 per viss in the last few days, and it is gradually falling to K7,500-K8,000-K8,500.
Sellers reduce prices by K500 for every viss on purchasing many. A garlic seller from Bayintnaung Yetama Street, Ko Thein Myint, said that garlic prices in Yangon are dropping since traders bought it from garlic-growing hill sites at lower prices.
Kyukok garlic’s price is higher than that of Shan garlic since the former is K9,600 per viss. On 1 March, before the weekends, Shan’s new garlic price ranged from K11,500 to K12,000-K12,500, and Kyukok was K9,700 per viss.
The price of Shan new garlic has not declined that much in the last few years as it arrived in the market, a garlic seller told The Global New Light of Myanmar. On 15 February 2023, Shan’s fresh garlic was priced at K5,500 per viss, and on 4 March 2023, it was K4,800 per viss. Before that day, Shan old garlic was K5,800 per viss for big size, and Kyukok was K3,750 per viss.
In the middle of February 2024, Shan’s old garlic was priced at K17,800 per viss for big size, and new garlic arrived in the market at K14,000-K14,500 per viss. In those days, Kyukok was K9,200-K9,400 per viss.
Since the Shan garlic price has fallen dramatically, the Kyukok garlic price is getting higher than that of Shan garlic. Not only garlic but also onion prices are noticeably falling in the Yangon market. — TWA/ TMT

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