Shape a peaceful nation in a short period

Efforts must be made for coming out with an effective resolution in the forthcoming peace talk. Negotiation will cover the desires of EAOs and the State to become it as the beneficial talks, Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing was quoted as saying at the SAC meeting 4/2022 the other day.
Up to now, armed conflicts banned the rights of the people to fully enjoy the fruits of peace and democracy. Although relevant organizations strived for the restoration of peace, some restrictions hampered gaining the deserved progress.
Meanwhile, some EAOs face difficulties due to the location of PDF terrorists in their areas. Hence, the SAC Chairman himself invited the EAOs to hold peace talks, and arrangements are being made to hold the peace talks as quickly as possible.
Leaders together with two members from each EAO were invited to join the peace talks in order to come out with any resolution in a short time. The invitation to those participants aims to hold the peace talks freely. The talks are expected to bring an appropriate resolution, so further talks will be arranged.
These peace talks must be based on bilateral negotiations which should not disorder the essence of democracy and should equalize the creation of deserved opportunities. As such, all the entire people will enjoy the taste of independence as well as democracy which are the primary need of the State.
The government strived for paving the people to walk along the path of multiparty democracy as they aspired. In exercising democracy, it is necessary to fulfil the needs of the people from ethnic areas and share the powers with them. Hence, the country needs to implement the Union system based on the multiparty democratic system, and democracy and federalism.
So far, 10 ethnic armed organizations decided to attend the peace talks. The successful talks will polish the images of the State and those organizations. It will be a record in the country’s history for all in striving for restoring internal peace. Hence, all participants in the peace talks should hold up a benevolent attitude for the sake of the whole nation in shaping a peaceful nation.
Both the government and EAOs need to look at the faces of the people who show the great expectation to enjoy the taste of perpetual peace in a short period for themselves as well as for their generations.

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