Shwezigon Pagoda replica Mingala Pagoda exhibits ancient cultural works

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Mingala Pagoda in Bagan ancient cultural region.

When visiting Bagan-NyaungU ancient cultural zone in NyaungU Township in Mandalay Region, pilgrims can observe 550 Jatakas painted by green and yellow glaze and the architectural works of the Mingala Pagoda which is a replica of Shwezigon pagoda.
Mingala Pagoda is located north of Myinkabar Village in the ancient cultural zone. It was built by King Narathihapate (also known as Tayokpyaymin) in 1284 AD. It was built in the same architecture of the Shwezigon Pagoda. In late Bagan period, similar pagodas were built all over Myanmar taking sample of architectural works from Mingala Pagoda.
The place where the Mingala Pagoda also known as Panputyat Pagoda or Panputhto pagoda is located in the Panput ward (turnery ward) in the Bagan period. The significant pint of Mingala Pagoda is decorated with bricks painted with green and yellow glaze, and 550 Jatakas, reliefs depicting celestial being statues and dragons painted with glaze. It can also be observed that it is decorated with clay reliefs.
A stone tablet of Shin Disapamauk was found inside a cave on the plinth of the pagoda’s west side, and now the tablet is kept at the Bagan Archaeological Museum.
Pilgrims worship a total of 3,822 temples and stupas in different postures in Bagan including the Gawtawpalin temple and the Bu Pagoda to the north of Mingala Pagoda, the Myinpyagu built by King Sawlu in the northeast of the pagoda, the Lawka Okshaung Pagoda, the Shwesandaw Pagoda and the Lawka Hteikpan Pagoda in the east of the pagoda, the Manuha Pagoda and Nan Pagoda in the south of the pagoda, said an official of Bagan Branch of Archaeology and National Museum Department. — Dipa Linn/KZL

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