Sino-Myanmar bilateral trade skyrockets to US$2 bln in H1 this FY


Myanmar’s border trade with China in the first half of the 2023-2024 Financial Year was up by $733.95 million compared to that of the year-ago period.

The value of border trade between Myanmar and a major trade partner China grew to US$2.015 billion in the first half of the current financial year 2023-2024 from $1.28 billion recorded in the corresponding period last FY 2022-2023, according to the statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce.
Myanmar’s border trade with China in H1 was up by $733.95 million compared to that of the year-ago period. Myanmar conducts cross-border trade with the neighbouring country China via Muse, Lweje, Chinshwehaw, Kampaiti and Kengtung. Muse border saw a majority of the trade worth $1.28 billion.
The trade value stood at $632.8 million via Chinshwehaw, $59.89 million via Kampaiti, $35.485 million via Lweje and $3.618 million via Kengtung respectively.
Myanmar has been carrying out border trade with the four neighbouring countries China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India via the border posts.
Export items are agricultural products, livestock products, fisheries products, minerals, forest products, finished industrial goods and other goods, while capital goods, intermediate goods, manufacturing goods and raw materials by CMP enterprises are imported. Myanmar sees steady growth with China via the border presently, with approximately 200 trucks flowing in and out of the Muse trade zone.
Myanmar daily delivers rice, broken rice, pulses, rubber, watermelon, mango, onion, fishery products, chilli pepper and other food commodities to China and building materials, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, equipment and food products are imported into the country. — NN/EM

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