Some 400 YBS vehicles run through red lights per month

DSC 0123 sskm 1
YBS buses rolling on their routes in Yangon City.

According to Yangon Region Private Transportation Committee-YRTC, approximately 400 YBS buses running in Yangon Region have been found guilty of running through red lights.
During an awareness session for YBS drivers who violated the traffic rules on 25 May, YRTC vice-chairman U Chit Ko Ko stated that some drivers were picking up or dropping off passengers in the middle of the road near traffic lights, disregarding red lights. He further mentioned that this behavior makes inconveniences to other road users, who may have a green light but cannot proceed due to the obstructing YBS buses.
According to YRTC, the directive has been issued that individually owned vehicles must be merged into public companies by the end of May for easier control. —TWA/KZW

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