Selected bus lines allowed to charge K500 for Thanlyin, Kyauktan, Taikkyi, Okkan routes

Some YBS buses running to Thanlyin, Kyauktan, Taikkyi and Okkan in Yangon Region were granted permission to charge a fare of up to K500, according to the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee (YRTC).
The fixed fare for most buses operating in Yangon City areas is K400, and if paid by YPS card or QR Code, it is only K300, said YRTC Joint Secretary U Lyan Cin Mang.
“K500 fare is specified for buses going to Taikkyi, Kyauktan and Okkan. Most of the rest of the buses are to charge K400, and if paid by card or QR Code, it will be K300,” he said.
The bus fare hike has caused some inconveniences to working-class people, according to a Yangon commuter.
“We regularly take the YBS from Thanlyin, where we live, to downtown Yangon, where we work. Since we have to take two bus lines to get to downtown, it costs us K2,000 a day to go to and from work. So, the monthly travel cost is K50,000 to K60,000. The previous bus fare was just K200 to K300,” said a YBS commuter in Yangon.
About 3,800 buses on 131 bus lines operated by 21 companies transport about 1.5 million travellers every day.
“I think they are planning to promote a card payment system. They want us to use either a card or QR. Then, people will be saved from fare hikes. It has been found that people use card payments more than QR codes. The number of users has increased a lot. But, one thing that needs to be pointed out is that strict punishments should be given to those who shut down the card readers to disable card payments,” said Ko Thant Zin, a middle-aged company employee and YBS commuter. — MT/ZN

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