High-priced grafted durians dominate market

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Thai durians, also known as grafted durians, have occupied the market.

Most grafted durians, also known as Thai durians, now dominate the domestic durian market, and due to their high prices, only a handful of people can afford them.
“Durian price depends on its production areas. At present, the production has been abundant in some areas, but it has yet to be produced in some areas and has just been harvested in some areas. In the Yangon market, only a particular class can afford durian because the price is still expensive. Normally, durians are abundantly produced in June. Currently, only Thai durians are available in the market. Thai durian is priced at K40,000-K50,000 per one, so it is unaffordable to all classes,” said Ko Htin Kyaw Lin, a durian seller in South Okkalapa township.
Cheaper Myanmar durians will be produced in June, and sales are expected to be higher.
“Durian is grown in Mandalay Region, and the fruit production will be plentiful in June. We expect the sales to be higher. If there is a lot of production, there will be consumers because most Myanmar people like durian. Nine out of ten women like durian,” he said. Thai grafted durians have moderate sales in the market, but they are expensive compared to Myanmar durians, which is why their sales have been still low.
“Grafted durians are also grown here, but their price is higher than Myanmar durians, and they have been sold though only a particular class can afford them, so their sale is not better,” said Ko Htin Kyaw Lin.
In the Yangon market, the price of Thai durians now ranges from a minimum of K20,000 to a little over K100,000 to the maximum, depending on size. — Thit Taw/ZS/Ed

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