Speech Delivered by Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing at the Military Parade in Honour of the 76th Armed Forces Day on 27 March 2021

Today is the parade in honour of the 76th Armed Forces Day of Tatmadaw imbued with the immense prestige etched in the annals of history remained steadfast in its commitment to protecting the motherland in successive terms, and it is also intended to commemorate the 75th Anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) of Armed Forces Day postponed for COVID-19 pandemic.
First and foremost, I would like to mention that it is a great honour bestowed on Tatmadaw that seeks to uphold the virtuous traditions through the annals till the 75th Anniversary (Diamond Jubilee).

. . . the internal armed conflicts ignited from the spill-over effect of the divide-and-rule policy of Imperialists, ideological differences and ethnic diversity in Post-Independence

Our country, nestled in a serene shelter with a prosperous identity and unified multi-national races as an independent and sovereign State through the annals of history, relinquished independence and sovereignty in 1886 and fell into the suppression of Imperialists for hundred years. Thirty Comrades led by Thakhin Aung San and the patriotic leaders composed of multi-national races tried to learn hard the military tactics with the Japanese assistance to establish Tatmadaw for the repulsion to imperialists. With the leading role of Thirty Comrades by Thakhin Aung San. Burma Independence Army (BIA) was established in Bangkok, Thailand, on 27 December 1941 and then BIA entwined with patriotic people annihilated the British Imperialists. After the withdrawal of the British, people were brutally tortured, notwithstanding Japan declared nominal independence on 1 August 1943. On 27 March 1945, Tatmadaw in Collaboration with people, launched the triumphal and historical anti-fascist movement. Afterwards, Armed Forces Day was denoted on this date.

Tatmadaw is an institution that has to abide by the promulgated law. It is also needed to abide by the law and be an institution of morale and morality.

Burma Independence Army (BIA) was constituted in sequence as the Burma Defence Army (BDA) in 1942, Burma National Army (BNA) in 1943. Patriotic Burma Force (PBF) in July and Burma Army in September 1945. Tatmadaw is an institution hailed from the independence movement since Tatmadaw, together with people, restored independence from the regime of British Imperialist on 4 January 1948.
Since the internal armed conflicts ignited from the spill-over effect of the divide-and-rule policy of Imperialists, ideological differences and ethnic diversity in Post-Independence, Tatmadaw defeated the insurgents with much sacrifice not to relinquish the restored independence. Since the Burma Communist Party (BCP) went underground on 28 March 1948, other armed organizations came into existence. The international community recognized them as multi-coloured insurgents. At that time, General Ne Win, who holds the rank of Chief of Staff of Defence Forces, could restore the Nation’s solidarity and stability by prevailing over the multi-coloured insurgents across the Nation with a handful of Infantry Units and Corps.
The internal armed conflicts did not occur between Tatmadaw and Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOS) but between governmental bodies and ethnic groups, and Tatmadaw remained steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the Nation and its sovereignty.
Tatmadaw has prevailed over the multi-coloured insurgency as well as the intrusion of Kuomintang (White Chinese Army) and Mujahedeen based in Rakhine State during 1950-61.
During 1962-72, Tatmadaw annihilated the insurgents in Bago and Delta Region. Likewise, the movement of BCP settled in the Bago mountain range came to an end in 1975 since Tatmadaw collaborated with people launched major operations by a four-cut strategy.
As Burma Communist Party launched an attack on Mong Yang with three columns in September 1988 to put the Tatmadaw in a predicament by taking advantage of the 1988 uprising, Tatmadaw engaged in the historical Mong Yang Battle for eight days; consequently, Kokang seceded from Burma Communist Party after they were defeated in Mong Yang Battle, and the BCP Northeast operation area came to an end in the collapse of the Burma Communist Party (Headquarters) due to the seizure of power by UWSA. Tatmadaw also defeated the insurgents who attacked the Methawor area, Karen State in September 1988.
The insurgent outposts stationed along the border of Southeast Command were captured in 1989, and the insurgents encroached upon the Delta region were also annihilated in 1991.
The insurgents in the Northeast border, furthermore, initiated the massive attack on Tatmadaw Headquarters and Units in Laukkai in February 2015 to occupy the whole Kokang area and to extend their area from Monekoe-Hpawnghseng to Northern Myanmar. Therefore, Tatmadaw conducted counter-insurgency operations, including urban operation with airstrike and artillery support and successfully captured the insurgents’ outposts deployed along the border. Afterwards, the insurgents formed the Northern Allied Coalition, and Tatmadaw repelled the simultaneous attacks on the outposts such as Monekoe, Hpawnghseng, Mankan, 105-mile and Monepaw in November 2016. I would like you to be aware that Tatmadaw put strenuous effort at risk of their lives, blood and sweat to protect from internal and external destructive elements since the independence movement to date.
At present, the Nation and Tatmadaw had already conferred gallantry titles, medals and certificates to military personnel, members of Myanmar Police Force and People Militia who shouldered the duties at risk of their lives in the interests of Nation and people as in (6) for Aung San Thuriya Title, (50) for Thiha Thura Title, (546) for Thura Title, (1,860) for Gallantry Record, (2,018) for Gallantry Medal, (339) for Certificate of Gallantry presented by Field Marshal, and (2,987) for Certificate of Gallantry presented by Commander-in-Chief. I would like to convey my great honour to those who gave many sacrifices for the Nation and people though they have not received any gallantry title, medals and certificates, family members of Aung San Thuriya Title winners are requested to have an honour of their company in this ceremony.
In honour of senior comrades, who gave many sacrifices, today military parade portrays the profound demonstration of Burma Independence Army (BIA) Dress, Burma Defence Army (BDA) Dress, Burma National Army (BNA) Dress, Patriotic Burma Force (PBF) Dress and Burma Army Dress which are worn since its inception and the dresses of Tatmadaw (Army, Navy, Air) which are suited in successive terms after the independence.
In honour and redolence of strenuous efforts in counter multi-coloured insurgency operations in post-independence, antiquated artilleries and armoured vehicles are unveiled in this military parade. At present, it can be seen that such defective artilleries and armoured vehicles could be transformed into modern ones by the efforts of successive leaders.
Tatmadaw has a common aim to build up a Standard Army imbued with combat capability and combat power for conventional warfare to serve the national defence duty steadfastly. While building up the Standard Army, Tatmadaw has designed to broaden the war establishment and integrated weaponry for Army, construct and purchase the naval vessels and gears for the Navy, and seek advantage of modest form in aircraft modernization, production and possession of modern aircraft for Air Force.
The human resources of Tatmadaw make a substantial contribution to the development of the Tatmadaw and Nation-building sectors. In the immense value of HR development for Tatmadaw, there are about 1,200 DSc and PhD holders and 14,000 Master degree holders who are experts in medicine, engineering, technology and fields of specialization, and they prove their mettle in the accomplishment of assigned tasks for the Nation and Tatmadaw.
As it is an honour to the 75th March 2020. Tatmadaw conferred honorary awards for gallantry, service, fine arts, literature, business, technology, healthcare and sports. Moreover, Tatmadaw annually trains the athletes who highly represent and stand for the Nation and Tatmadaw. I would like to express my profound gratitude to remarkable military sportsmen in a major role for swimming, football, shooting, boxing and athletics in SEA Games. Asian Games and World Olympic Games.

Tatmadaw also assists in the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief programme for the Nation and People. Specialists, medical officers and members from Tatmadaw could provide healthcare services to over 2.5 million people for 8-year-tenure.
From 2011 to 2021, the Myanmar Navy could also rescue over 4,000 refugees stranded in the sea. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the total number of 1,150 Myanmar nationalities stranded in Malaysia and Port Blair, India, for years could be repatriated to the homeland by military ships in February and March 2021. The repatriation of the remnant is in progress. Moreover, military hospitals could provide healthcare services to a total number of 90,000 public out-patients, 30,000 in-patients and 6,000 maternity patients who encountered difficulty since people’s hospitals could not function in February and March for unacquainted reasons.
As for the HADR programme, Myanmar Air Force cooperates in Search and rescue operations and catering services for foodstuffs and medicine to the stricken people to some extent. People, civil service, senior citizens and unhealthy people being stricken in the Rakhine conflict were evacuated by Tatmadaw helicopters.
Tatmadaw is ready and steadfast in the responsibility to deal with the dangers, including disasters that affected the Nation and its citizens within a second. I would like to urge you to be of assistance for the disaster-affected area regardless of someone else’s order.
Tatmadaw puts an emphasis n those preventive measures for people with real virtue and the implementation of internal peace, which is essential for the Union based on democracy and federalism. The Government made offers for peace in successive terms. The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) has been signed with 10 Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) due to the peace offers made in the previous multiparty democratic period. Tatmadaw’s stance for peace embarks on the road to Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) to achieve eternal peace through Six Peace Principles. Those principles are laid down in consideration for the interests of the Nation and people.
Therefore, Tatmadaw declared a unilateral ceasefire to achieve eternal peace. At this juncture, the three committees composed of national solidarity and peace-making central committee, working committee and negotiation committee are organized to put great effort for eternal peace.
It is convinced that some armed organizations are asking for unilateral propositions towards self-interests and are conducting illegal trade and drug smuggling while others are heading towards peace. Our Nation stood under the rule of the Monarchy ever since before she relinquished the independence but was governed by the different administrative system, including the parliamentary democracy system since independence. The Nation practices the multiparty democracy system by the people’s desire since 2011 and embraces to stand tall as a Union based on democracy and federalism. Therefore, I would like to impart that it should not be acceptable to put propositions ahead by terrorism which can be harmful to State tranquillity and social security. It is a prerequisite to sit together for the constructive peace dialogue by putting the weapons aside to end the armed conflict, which is the major deterrence to the development of the Nation. Moreover, I would like to urge non-signatory Ethnic Amed Organisations (EAOs) to sign NCA and the signatory ones to follow the agreements within the legal framework and to go hand in hand with Tatmadaw for eternal peace.
While NCA is in progress, Tatmadaw renders assistance to displaced persons stranded in some regions for their return. Tatmadaw cooperates with the related departments in the fundamental things; food, clothing and shelter and socio-economic development, including demining in the respective areas for the return of displaced persons stranded on IDP camps.
Tatmadaw is an institution that has to abide by the promulgated law. It is also needed to abide by the law and be an institution of morale and morality. Tatmadaw, an example of discipline, needs to embrace virtuous traditions. Every single serviceman and servicewoman joined Tatmadaw by their consent and moral virtues for national defence. Therefore, I would like to leave a word that military personnel need to be proud of vowing to sacrifice lives and to be ones entrusted by the Nation and Tatmadaw.
Tatmadaw assumed the State responsibility on 1st February 2021 due to the unacquainted reasons that occurred in the multiparty general election, which was held on 8 November 2020. There were 39.2 million eligible voters around the country in the multiparty democracy general election. Tatmadaw examined the voter list and controversially found over 10.4 million instances of irregularities, although Tatmadaw repeatedly asked for a free and fair election. Tatmadaw called for the NLD-led Government, Pyidaungsu Hluttaw and Union Election Commission to explain ongoing controversial issues several times. Still, they neglected and failed to respond to the requests and are proceeding to form a new government and to call respective Hluttaw. Such kinds of action lead to “The act or attempt to take over the sovereignty of the Union by wrongful forcible means” mandated in Section 40(C) and Section 417 of the 2008 Constitution. Therefore, Tatmadaw unavoidably assumed the State responsibility by lawful means due to the unlawful acts of the NLD-led Government in the 2020 election. After the accomplishment of the State of Emergency provisions, a free and fair election will be re-run, and the handover of State responsibility will be continued. As Tatmadaw is a part of the Nation and military personnel are also a part of the people, Tatmadaw is seeking the commitment of the entire Nation and people who go through thick and thin to be able to nestle in a serene shelter with a prosperous identity. And Tatmadaw will also make sure of the socio-economic development of the Nationality.
Hluttaw Representatives who are going to conduct the enactment of legislation should be the epiotome of law-abiding person. the democracy we desire would be the undisciplined one if they pay no respect to and violate the law. As the corruptions were found during the investigation, some party leaders are charged with corruptions by the law.
I would like to urge that the State Administrative Council is going to carry out the responsibility in pursuit of 5-Point Rode Map and Objectives for Political, Economic and Social affairs during temporary acceptance, and ensure the implementation of policies concerned with foregin, administrative and peace affairs in pursuit of the existing policies and law Comrades,
In the building of a country to become a peaceful and developed one,it is needed to have sustainable international cooperation and relation . Therefore, Tatmadaw practices a policy of diplomatic relation with not only neighbouring and tegional defence forces but also international defence forces.
In Internation Relations, Tatmadaw is looking forward to regional ASEAN Armies and is putting an effort to enhaance cooperation, exchange programme thought exercises and mutual understanding.
I would like to express my profound gratitude to the hight-level delegation from the Russian Armed Forces for the pleasureof their company in this military parade. I would also like to impart that the Russian Armed Forces are acknowledged and inscribed for their substantial support to Tatmadaw in a friendly manner though we are far apart .
Tatmadaw is originated from the avowed intention and has had a glorious past. Since there is no act of betrayal but loyal to the Nation and people, Tatmadaw always headed towards the act of selfless sacrifice for the Nation and people,Tatmadaw completed its people with the independent Nation, national flag and great sactifice to the Nation and people in the past, and is moving forwards apeaceful and developesd Union based on democracy and federalism in the present. I would like to urge that every single endeavour of Tatmadaw with selflessness and virtue is not meant for the Tatmadaw but for the interests of the Nation and people to stand tall on the world stage as a sovereign State and people.
In conclusion, I would like to reiterate you to keep on achieving the objectives of the 76th Armed Forces Day as follows:
To consistently uphold the National Policy: Our Three Main National Causes and foster democracy desired by people not to dissent from it route based on the principles of the Constitution with the entire people
To protect people from all dangers including natural disaster in every single time and circumstances and assist in all sectors for the social security of the people
To take panrt in the eternal peace process pivoted on the NCA framework not to dissent from the Three Main National Cuases as the cessation of armed conflicts is the prerequisite while paving the way to democracy
To be a strong and capable modernised Tatmadaw wndowed with combat power and capability in safeguarding the peace and tranquillity of the State and its sovereignty.

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