State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing tours Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory (PyinOoLwin), PyinOoLwin railway station, urban of PyinOoLwin

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspected the Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory (PyinOoLwin) leased to RVK Myanmar Co Ltd by the Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Co Ltd in Anisakhan of PyinOoLwin yesterday morning.
Chairman of the Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Co Ltd Lt-Gen Hsan Oo reported on a brief history of the factory, winning the fourth prize in the ASEAN-OSHNET in 2018 and the excellent award in 2020, the appointment of employees in respective sections, the production of medicines and assistance for other units, and control of manufacturing quality medicines.
In his speech, the Senior General instructed officials to research the drugs to be used in the prevention, control and treatment activities of COVID-19, manufacture quality products, conduct marketing researches for sufficient production of drugs at home, produce medicines essential for common diseases, focus on the production of medicines for fulfilling the public needs, and meet the local demand of medicines in line with the policy “nothing is more important than human life” during the outbreak of COVID-19.
The Senior General viewed medicines produced by the factory visited there and attended to the needs reported by officials.
After viewing the sections of the factory, the Senior General underlined the need for manufacturing and distribution of quality medicines and for raising the public awareness on side effects of combined drugs easily used by the people.
The pharmaceutical factory (PyinOoLwin) manufactures medicines for neurological and diabetes diseases, drugs for cardiac and hypertension diseases, vitamin B, antibiotic drugs, hand gel and electrolyte with the use of modern machines.
The Senior General visited the PyinOoLwin railway station. In his speech, the Senior General said that efforts should be made for upgrading rail tracks and carrying out systematic maintenance for reduction of driving time on the Mandalay-PyinOoLwin-Nawnghkio railway. The platform of the station must be expanded for passengers’ convenience.
At Kandawgyi Lake in PyinOoLwin, the Senior General hears reports on the maintenance of the lake by officials and gave instructions on the existence of the lake.
The Senior General on his tour of PyinOoLwin in September this year gave guidance to ensure proper watershed measures for the lake and much inflow of water into the lake. As an accomplishment, the lake now stores 19.4 feet deep of water this year, compared with 11 feet deep of water in the corresponding period of last year. —MNA

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