Statement strongly condemns media outlets and organizations spreading false information on Kinma fire case

Armed terrorists set fire to Kinma village in Pauk township, Magway Region on 15 June, destroying about 100 of the 225 houses in the village.
On 15 June, a group of terrorists opened fire at the security forces patrolling Pauk township near the signboard of Kinma village at around 11 am from a hill, and retreated when being retaliated by the security forces.
The security forces were attacked again while conducting a detailed search on the hill at around 11:50 am and the armed terrorists retreated at around 12 kinma 1 NS
Afterwards, the security forces found the fire in the village during the necessary inspection around the neighbourhood, and together with additional security forces, they entered the village at around 4:30 pm to put out the fire which was extinguished at around 6 pm.
According to a detailed investigation into the fire, about 40 terrorists set fire to the house of U Kyaw Htay, who did not support the PDF, opposite of Kinma Village Basic Education High School, at about 2:50 pm, from which the fire was spread to other houses due to the wind, and all houses expect from 2 pavilions, 2 buildings of the Basic Education Middle School (branch) and 20 houses, were destroyed by the kinma 3 NS
Two women, 83-year-old Daw Khin Su and 81-year-old Daw Htwar Sein were rescued from the burning houses by the security forces and taken to a village monastery that was safe from the fire, and the security forces left the village at 6:30 pm.
The confrontation between the security forces and the armed terrorists occurred from 11:10 am to 12 pm and the armed terrorists retreated and set the village on fire at around 2:50 pm. Since the incident happened, it was found that Ko Naing Facebook Account broadcasted a live video with the caption “shooting in the east bank of Kin creek, Kinma village, Pauk township (South)”. It was found that the burning of houses and the activities of the security forces were recorded in the live video.
Among the news media, Khit Thit Media, whose business license has been suspended, reported the incident on 15 June at 4:49 pm on its Facebook account with the title “The whole village of Kinma was set on fire by the Terrorist Military Council.” The report said that about one-third of the village was still on fire by 4:30 pm and that the fire was still kinma 6 NS
By seeing the fact that Khit Thit media had known that the entire village will be engulfed in flame while the security forces were trying to extinguish the fire and writing a pre-report that stated the fire which was set by the PDF, was set by the security forces although the security forces had not yet arrived in the village, it is clear that this media and the PDF groups are working in a timely manner.
Similarly, foreign media outlets such as CNN and Reuters, as well as some illegal local media outlets that have had their licences revoked, have been found to be biased in their coverage of the incident without analyzing the actual event.
Based on the inaccurate information of the news media whose business licenses have been suspended, the Embassy of the United States of America released a statement at 3:37 pm on 17 June and the British Embassy issued a statement at 6:40 pm on 16 June.
Seeing the time of the incident and the spread of the news on social media, and the time the foreign embassies released the statements, it was found a deliberate act that the armed terrorists lured the security forces into the village after the villagers were evacuated so that the fire can be first set up on someone’s house who did not support their acts of violence as soon as the security forces arrived in the kinma NS
In addition, as some well-known social media accounts, including Ko Naing’s Facebook account, were found to be collecting donations under the name “Kinma Village” after the fire, the fire was set on purpose and the village was set on fire to raise funds for the terrorist group.1 NS
Therefore, the terrorist group PDF, which is made up of NLD strongholds under the guidance of NUG, burned the houses of innocent villagers to tarnish the image of the government and provoke international pressure at the time of holding the United Nations General Assembly and the closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council.
We strongly condemn the actions of the local/foreign media and organizations that have been supporting illegal NUG and its affiliates in various ways behind the incident. fire kinma 7 NS
Information Team
State Administration Council

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