Stove powered by used engine oil and cooking oil attracts many in Kengtung

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Photo by Soe Lin used-oil stove and different kinds of stoves production

Stove that can be fired by used engine oil and used edible oil and produced in own design has attracted a lot of public attention in eastern Shan State, Kengtung township.

Ko Aung Soe Lin from Soe Lin used fuel-fired stove production said that it can function like a gas stove and  was inspired by a similar creation that he saw during his overseas trip, and most of the customers are from Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon Region and Mandalay Region, currently he has received orders for around 100 stoves.

“It is fired by used oil – used engine oil and any kind of used edible oil. Edible oil can’t be fired but item put inside the stove sets the edible oil on fire. If it is fired by used engine oil, burning smell will be emitted at least about 10 seconds or 1 minute. It should be used in airy space. It doesn’t smell when cooking. Currently, there are many buyers, even now we have orders for about 100 stoves. Most buyers are from Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw.

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Photo by Soe Lin used-oil stove and different kinds of stoves production

To use the stove, you  have to put used engine oil or used edible oil into oil reservoir first and turn on the bar below the reservoir, then oil will enter the stove and can start to use the stove after turning off the bar.

To control the heat, a small fan is put and it can also be used by connecting with power bank and battery when the electricity is off.

Some items used in the stove are foreign-made, so it is difficult to set a fixed price due to unstable exchange rate of Yuan and Baht, he said. Currently, the price of a household-use stove starts from K160,000 to K250,000, K300,000 and K400,000.

“When engine oil is set on fire, flames will come out and the heat will be extremely high, that is why I use the fan to control the heat. The fan can reduce the heat slightly. I bought the fan from China in person. That is why we can’t set a fixed price,” he said.

There is warning not to let water fall into the stove as it can burn like a strong acid fire if water drops in it.




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