Ayeyawady salt production reaches over 140,000 tonnes last year

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Salt farmers seen working at salt fields in Ayeyawady Region.

Salt production in the Ayeyawady Region reached 142,000 tonnes in the 2022-23 salt season, and it is expected to yield more this year due to El Niño, according to an official from the Salt Industry Division, Ayeyawady Region.
Salt fields in Ayeyawady start preparing to produce sun-dried salt around October, and production begins in January.
“The salt season starts by preparing salt fields in October, and the harvesting period is from January to the end of May. It produced 142,000 tonnes of salt in the 2022-23 season. This year, it is expected to produce more because El Niño goes well with salt. But, if there is intermittent rain, it is not good,” he said.
Despite the rains, over 101,000 tonnes of salt were produced in Ayeyawady Region in the 2021-22 season, and the production increased to 142,000 tonnes in the 2022-23 season thanks to good weather.
Although it rained in Ayeyawady Region a few days ago, salt farmers prepared quickly and avoided severe losses by following the weather forecast.
“Despite the rain, there was not much damage. Some salt fields are just under preparation. And the farmers are always watching the weather forecast. As those who have already laid salt for sun drying have taken preventive measures, they didn’t suffer major losses,” he added.
Ayeyawady salt is mainly exported to Yangon and Mandalay regions, and the price of fine salt per viss rose slightly from K230 to K280 last week due to bouts of rain. — MT/ZN/Ed

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