Subversive media circulates fake news about conscription for military


The subversive media is circulating false news on social networking sites claiming that Muslims have died during the battle and that Muslims are being forcibly recruited into the troops. According to an official in Sittway Township, the news is simply false, and the malicious media is intentionally spreading misinformation about Muslims in Rakhine State.
Similarly, false news has been fabricated by Khit Thit, a subversive media outlet that promotes terrorism, claiming that a monthly fee of K5,000 per household has been collected for young men who will serve in the army in Minmyay Village, Pwintbyu Township.
There is no money collection for young men, and the news is just false and circulating to mislead the public. The malicious media and those who support terrorist groups are only spreading propaganda to scare people with various types of misinformation. — MNA/TKO

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