Survival of crocodiles in protected nature reserves

Crodile sskm
Crocodiles naturally seen in farm.

There are almost 100 crocodiles living in and around the protected nature reserve of Mainmahla Island in Bokale Township of Ayeyawady Region, according to the Forest Department. The numbers of crocodile populations are rising every year due to the conservation works of Thaketa Crocodile Farm, but it still needs the nature areas for population growth.
The crocodile breeding farm began in 1968-1969 in Myanmar, and Thaketa Crocodile Farm was launched in May 1978 and operated as a recreation centre to the public since 6 November 1997 to date. Currently, Thaketa crocodile farm was temporarily closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The farm accommodates 592 crocodiles and the population increases more than 50 during 3 years.
“There are more than 590 crocodiles at Thaketa crocodile farm. The crocodile population increases over 50 during three years. We have another 10 big crocodiles taken from National Races Village and Zoo. There are over 150 crocodiles that measure 3 feet, nearly 150 measure between 3 feet and 5 feet and almost 300 measure 5 feet from 10 feet and above. We feed the small crocodiles as usual and we feed the big ones once a day according to the budget status. The well-wishers come here and donate the feedstuff. The numbers of crocodile are increasing here. If we can free 10 or 20 crocodiles to Mainmahla Island per year, it can stop them from becoming extinct,” said Dr Myo Min Hlaing, in charge of the farm.
The 40 acres Thaketa crocodile farm has more than 590 crocodiles and if another farm is implemented to conserve the crocodile population, the numbers of crocodile will increase again. Crocodiles are ancient creatures, first appearing over 240 million years ago. They are seen in Africa, Austria, the US, Myanmar, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Solomon Island, Thailand and Vietnam, and sometimes in Japan.
There are about 27 species of crocodiles but only 23 species are found including 14 kinds of crocodile species, 8 alligator species and one of the gavial species. The Crocodylus palustris, Crocodylus porosus (Nga Moe Yeik), Gavialis gangeticus and Crocodylus siamensis are living in Myanmar and Thaketa crocodile farm has only Crocodylus porosus, Saltwater Crocodile.
The numbers of crocodiles declines in Mainmahla Island and the Discovery Channel from the US had to wait for one month to record an adult crocodile, but they did not find any crocodile. Therefore, they made a documentary on Thaketa crocodile farm. It should conserve the baby crocodiles to increase the population in the protected nature of the reserve of Mainmahla Island. It also becomes rare in Rakhine State and Taninthayi Region. — Nyein Thu/GNLM

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