Suspects of murder cases in Amarapura township, near Myitnge tollgate, arrested together with firearms

The security forces are working hard to stop the acts of terrorism of terrorist group NUG such as arson attacks on factories and industries and brutally killing of innocent people. On 20 November, the police arrested Htein Win Aung (aka) Tay Za and Phyo Kyaw (aka) Kyaw Gyi from Thayattan Village of Ooyintaw Village-tract of Amarapura township, near Myitlaung village together with one pistol, 14 9MM bullets, one grenade, one dagger and three mobile phones.
These two suspects admitted that they hid the homemade bombs and guns in the field of Pauk Inn, No (570) (b) owned by U Hsinywa Village in south of Thar Hla Aye Village of Tamotesoe Village-tract of Amarapura Township and the combined security team raided the pace and seized 23 homemade percussion lock firearms and one homemade bomb.

Htein Win Aung (aka) Tay Za and Phyo Kyaw (aka) Kaw Gyi also completed the explosive training conducted near Laiza of KIA headquarters in April.
According to their confessions, Win Tun (aka) Min Than Kyaw, who is still at large, organized Myitnge PDF with 13 members in July and Htein Win Aung (aka) Tay Za and Phyo Kyaw (aka) Kaw Gyi are the members.
The Myitnge PDF committed bombing attacks and murder cases. In the first week of October, Phyo Kyaw (aka) Kyaw Gyi rode the motor cycle together with Htein Win Aung (aka) Tay Za and they opened fire to innocent civilian Ko Myo (aka) Nga Myo from Sar Taw Village of Amarapura four times under the instruction of Win Tun (aka) Min Than Kyaw.

On 5 October, Aung Khant Kyaw and Win Tun (aka) Min Than Kyaw killed U San Tun Myaing, assistant engineer of Myanma Railways at the junction of Hninsi and Thazin wards of Myitnge.
On 4 November, Aung Khant Kyaw and Win Tun (aka) Min Than Kyaw also shot Chit Ko, son-in-law of Tenantthar Village administrator of Amarapura Township by the pistol.
On 13 November, Phyo Kyaw (aka) Kyaw Gyi and Htein Win Aung (aka) Tay Za also killed innocent person Soe Thu from Sin Ywa Myin Hmu village.
On 16 November, Phyo Kyaw (aka) Kyaw Gyi and Htein Win Aung (aka) Tay Za also opened fire on Nyi Nyi Lwin from Makyee Cho village near Denko petrol station of Myitnge tollgate and took his handphone and K2.8 million.
Moreover, Win Tun (aka) Min Than Kyaw and Nga Ye (aka) Kalar from Myitnge PDF exploded the Mytel phone tower in Thayattan Village of Amarapura Township on 22 October.
The people are urged to work together to prevent the killings of good service personnel by the terrorists for ensuring the development, peace and stability of the State, and if
they receive information about the terrorist activities, they should secretly contact the nearest security forces and cooperate with them until the terrorists can no longer
stand. — MNA

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