Suspects who committed attacks on security members of township administration office beside No (3) Highway of Mingaladon Township arrested

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Incident site in Mingaladon Township.

At about noon on 7 November, three men (under scrutiny) shot the security members, who were serving duties at the entrance/exit of township administration office beside No (3) Highway Road in Mingaladon Township, from a Probox car. Due to their attack, one staff and one civilian, including some security members were injured.
The security forces investigated the suspects and acting on to the tip-off, on 12 November, the police arrested Han Lin Thein (aka) Ye Lin Thein who hired the Probox at Saung Thazin dormitory in Moe Makha Street in Kongtala Baung Village of Mingaladon Township and car owner Tin Zaw Myint at Pale Gayha street in No (3) Ward of Kamayut Township. Then, according to the confession of Tin Zaw Myint, the security members arrested Than Naing(aka) Bae Oo, Pyae Sone Aung (aka) Athay Lay and Lwin Moe in Baho street of No (3) Ward of Kamayut Township.
Following the words of suspect Than Naing (aka) Bae Oo, the police raided apartment (B) of No (172), 6th floor in Padamyar street of No (3) Ward of Kamayut Township where they rented and seized two M16s, 7 magazines, 320 5.56 bullets, 34 empty bullets, 55 9mm bullets, 3 walkie-talkies, 2 chargers, 15 batteries and a pair of gloves. Moreover, the police also seized 20 9mm bullets, 20 5.56 bullets, 5 detonators, 4 detonator strings, 12 Icom batteries, 20 cards containing 12 boxes of iron balls, 4 Icom machines, 4 walkie-talkies, 1 gas bottle containing 480 5.56 bullets, 20 detonators and 3 grammes of strong gunpowder at Apartment (1/A), No (150) in Padamyar street of No (3) Ward of Kamayut Township.
According to the words of Than Naing (aka) Bae Oo, the police arrested Wai Yan Htet Naing who carried the firearms and participated in the attacks, at the traffic light of Mandalay Street in Dagon Myothit (North) Township. Following the words of Wai Yan Htet Naing, they also raided No (604), 23rd street in No (1) Ward of Latha Township and arrested Myo Naing with the medicines provided for PDF members.
On 14 November, based on the confession of suspect Myo Naing, the security forces raided the house of Ma May (aka) Moe Thu Khine (aka) May Thet Khine(still at large) from Myanmar Underground Revolution Movement-MURM, at No (39/299) in Thamardi street of Dagon Myothit (North) Township and seized 50 .380 bullets, 2 magazines, 3 homemade bombs, 3 detonators, 25 packs of handmade gunpowder, gunpowder straps, about 30 kyattha (ticals) of homemade gunpowder, 4 five-gallon buckets of acid, 17 chemical glass tubes, 4 glass tubes, 15 copper pipes, 1 bag of potassium nitrate (25 kilos), 9 gas cylinders, 1 welding machine, 30 MPT Sim-cards, 11 keypad phones, 11 fake ID cards and 20 switches of remote-controlled mines.
During this case, the police arrested 7 males, 2 M16s, nine magazines, 820 5.56 bullets, 50.380 bullets, 34 empty bullets, 75 9mm bullets, 3 homemade bombs, 28 detonators, 4 detonator strings, about 3 kilogrammes of strong gunpowder, 20 cards containing 12 boxes of iron balls, 7 walkie-talkies, 4 Icom machines, various type of medicines and other explosives.
The suspect Than Naing (aka) Bae Oo (Fight for Freedom-FFF) admitted that Than Htike Soe (aka) Soe Gyi (still at large) who is running a Myanma traditional rice shop in Japan, communicates with terrorist groups NUG and CRPH to support the terrorist groups. Than Htike Soe (aka) Soe Gyi joined the Zoom Meeting organized by Lwin Ko Latt from NUG and reported on the financial assistance to the terrorist groups including FFF.
The suspect Wai Yan Htet Naing is a member of MURM organized by Ma May (aka) Moe Thu Khine (aka) May Thet Khine while the suspect Lwin Moe is from Bago PDF and he joined the explosive training in KNLA Brigade 1 area together with Moe Thiha. Myo Naing supported finance to Ma May (aka) Moe Thu Khine (aka) May Thet Khine to rent an apartment as Safe House in Dagon Myothit (North) Township in October.
By the end of September, Than Htike Soe (aka) Soe Gyi communicated with suspect Japan (still at large) from Myawady and transported the firearms for FFF. He hid the materials inside the oxygen cylinders. Therefore, they misused the chance provided by the government, while it eased some restrictions in transporting the oxygen cylinders amid the outbreak of COVID-19.
The FFF and MURM joined and conducted the attacks. On 5 October, Than Naing (aka) Bae Oo, Pyae Sone Aung (aka) Athay Lay and Ko Ye (still at large) watched the situation of township administration office in Thingangyun Gyi Village in Mingaladon Township and another nine suspects — 5 from MURM and Than Naing (aka) Bae Oo from FFF, Tin Zaw Myint including other ones who are still at large — Shan Lay and Wai Yan Htet (aka) Thura arranged to shot the security members. On 7 November, two members of MURM watched the condition and Than Naing (aka) Bae Oo and Tin Zaw Myint riding white Probox and Wai Yan Htet (aka) Thura, Shan Lay and Ko Ye and another two men (still investigating) riding grey Probox shot using two M-16s. Then, Than Naing (aka) Bae Oo kept the firearms.
On 28 October, innocent civilian U Phoe Cho from Thingangyun Gyi Village of Mingaladon Township was shot to death by MURM. On 8 November, Than Naing (aka) Bae Oo took the pistol from Wai Yan Htet (aka) Thura and gave Phoe Kar (still at large, Kamayut PDF). Phoe Kar gave K500,000 as a rental fee to FFF.
On 9 October, he shot innocent civilian Daw Myint Myint Aye (aka) Daw Pyar Gyi from No (5) Ward of Kamayut Township and he returned the pistol to Wai Yan Htet (aka) Thura on 10 November.
The arrested suspects will face legal actions under the law and those who report the movements of the insurgents will be covertly awarded.—MNA

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