Tamarind price in Yangon market surges upon late arriving

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The photo shows fresh tamarind arriving in the market.

Newly harvested tamarind typically comes into the Yangon market in late December each year. However, this year, it reached a month later than usual, and opening prices were at K3,000-K3,100 per viss, as reported by a tamarind trader from Bayintnaung’s Khayay Street to The Global New Light of Myanmar (GLNM).
Although the opening prices are high, they are expected to decrease in the next few days due to a forecasted decline in demand, according to a comment from a commodity purchaser.
When the new tamarind was harvested towards the end of 2022, traders expected it to fetch a handsome price, but it remained low throughout 2023.
On 21 December 2022, the price of new tamarind was K2,100-K2,200 per viss in the Yangon market, while the price of old tamarind on that day was K1,900-K2,000 per viss. However, on 22 March 2023, prices for various tamarind varieties were K1,700-K1,750 per viss for new tamarind, K1,800-K1,850 per viss for old tamarind, and K2,400-K2,700 per viss for pulp tamarind. Tamarind prices in other towns and cities were K850-K900 per viss.
From late December 2023 to 10 January 2024, old tamarind was priced at K1,100-K1,200 per viss, and old pulp tamarind was priced at K1,900-K2,500 per viss. In late December 2021, the price of new tamarind was K2,000 per viss, while old tamarind was K1,800 per viss in the Yangon market.
Domestic tamarind stocks have been steadily increasing since fewer businesses produce cigars and beverages where tamarind is heavily used, and tamarind exports have decreased for two consecutive years. This increase in tamarind stocks has led to a price decline, as mentioned by a tamarind seller, Ko Han, from Bayintnaung Seinpan Street to the GNLM. The tamarind price has remained stable even though prices of many food commodities in the Yangon market surged in 2022 and 2023.
Tamarind trader U Htaw Gyi forecasted that tamarind productivity will be low due to less rain in central Myanmar in 2023. If tamarind exports increase amid low productivity, prices are predicted to rise in 2024, as forecasted by the tamarind traders. — TWA/TMT

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