Taninthayi Region Govt to establish 20-tonne refined cooking oil mill

Taninthayi Region Government is taking decisive steps to address the growing demand for cooking oil in Myanmar. In an effort to reduce the nation’s heavy reliance on imports, plans are underway to establish a state-of-the-art 20-tonne refined cooking oil mill in the Taninthayi Region.
According to the Taninthayi Region Government office, the project will be a collaborative effort between the government and local businesspersons. Once operational, the mill will have the capacity to produce an impressive 20 tonnes of refined cooking oil per day. This initiative comes as the region is already home to over 400,000 acres of oil palm plantations, yielding substantial amounts of crude oil. However, without any refined oil mills in the area, the region’s oil sufficiency remains at a mere 0.25 per cent.
Assistant Director U Ko Ko Soe of the region government office emphasized the significance of this project in the region’s development. He stated that the establishment of a refined oil mill is essential for the region to utilize its vast oil resources effectively and bolster its economic growth.
To ensure the successful implementation of the project, officials from the region have meticulously observed the operations and production processes of a similar refined oil mill in China. This experience will undoubtedly prove invaluable in ensuring the mill’s efficiency and productivity.
Initially, there was a plan to establish a 10-tonne refined cooking oil mill. However, due to a negligible difference in costs, the decision was made to double the capacity, resulting in the current plan for a 20-tonne refined cooking oil as a daily output.
The need for such a mill is underscored by Myanmar’s reliance on cooking oil imports, which stand at a staggering 800,000 tonnes annually. This dependency on foreign sources is primarily attributed to the lack of sufficient edible oil production within the country.
It is estimated that Myanmar’s total annual oil consumption, both for domestic use and industrial purposes, reaches 1.1 million tonnes. The imported cooking oil covers a substantial 60 per cent of this demand, highlighting the urgency and significance of the Taninthayi Region Government’s endeavours.
By establishing a large-scale refined cooking oil mill in the region, the government aims to not only address the local demand but also significantly reduce the country’s dependence on imports. This move will have positive implications for Myanmar’s economy, creating employment opportunities, and strengthening the nation’s self-sufficiency in essential commodities.
The Taninthayi Region Government’s plan to establish a 20-tonne refined cooking oil mill is a promising step towards transforming the region’s oil industry and catering to the country’s cooking oil needs. With increased production capacity and a focus on self-sufficiency, Myanmar can reduce its dependence on imports and bolster its economic growth in the process. — ASH/TTA

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