Tatmadaw has to safeguard Three Main National Causes as the national policy, let the country be led by any political system and government, says Senior General

The fundamentals of democracy are abiding by the rules and regulations, and paying respect to laws, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing at the graduation parade of the 63rd Intake of the Defence Services Academy at the parade ground of DSA in PyinOoLwin yesterday morning.
The Senior General took the salute of cadet companies and presented the Best Cadet Award to cadet No. 34501 Cadet Phyo Min, the Excellent Award in Training to cadet No. 34772 Cadet Aung Nanda, the Excellent Award in Studies (Arts) to cadet No. 34589 Cadet Teza, the Excellent Award in Studies (Science) to cadet No. 34710 Cadet Hein Bo Bo Aung and the Excellent Award in Studies (Computer Science) cadet No. 34719 Cadet Arkar Zaw Win.
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said: Our military personnel are men of obeisance to the four oaths, and men of responsibility being regardless of their interests when the country is in the state of emergency.
Since the comrades are to shoulder onerous duties of the country, one needs to be proud of one’s duty and assignment. Therefore, I would like to urge comrades to soldier on the assigned duties with minimum control and dutiful manner.
Since we, military personnel, are obliged to serve the national defence duty at all times regardless of the weather, we need to put emphasis on physical and mental fitness.

Myanmar people always genetically value national characteristics. Hence, you need to preserve and promote these national

Since our Tatmadaw is an institution organized for National Defence, I would like to say that comrades have to practise discipline, obedience, mutual respect and esprit de corps, and behave as professional soldiers. Comrades who have to preserve the good traditional values of Tatmadaw need to be the quintessence of discipline. Discipline is the backbone of Tatmadaw and the soul as well.
In order to make an institution stand firmly and everlastingly, it is mandatory for it to organize and train systematically by means of rational policy, explicit rules and regulations, law, command and control by taking responsibility and accountability. It can be seen that a well-disciplined institution will endure and can also conduct the mission successfully. Our Tatmadaw can be recognized as the strongest institution because of its good discipline and obedience since its first establishment.
As young leaders, it is necessary for you to be of good morale and morals. To be good morals, one needs to behave in line with religious and social culture and to respect and sympathize with others. You must be thrifty to balance your salary and expenditure. Myanmar people always genetically value national characteristics. Hence, you need to preserve and promote these national characteristics.
After appointing as commissioned officers, you need to lead your subordinates with righteousness as young leaders in the respective corps and services.

It can be observed that the bigger the size of the troop starting from the very basic unit, the more important the leadership role.
Successful leadership means that subordinates unanimously perform the task given by the leader with their own willingness. You need to lead your subordinates in the ways of integrity, discipline, justice, unbiased and true leadership.
On the way to a multiparty democracy collocating with the desire of the entire citizen, essential cores for the development of the country and democracy ambition are national peace and tranquillity, and perpetual peace. Here, I would like to highlight that The Six Principles for Peace mandated by Tatmadaw is looking forward to the peace and tranquillity, and development of the country.
The fundamentals of democracy are abiding by the rules and regulations and paying respect to laws. For the sake of fulfilling their real need, it is essential that peace conferences are required to be continuously held with a strong determination by Tatmadaw and Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) under the lead of the government. Our national peace must only be restored by the collective effort of our people. Therefore, I would like to underscore that any possible ways will be discovered in accord with agreements prescribed in the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) to bring durable peace.
Although democracy has to be performed by the people’s desire, people’s desire must be honest and truthful for worthy politics. I would like you to bear in mind that democracy with a lack of honesty is hard to tell whether it is a genuine democracy. I would like to impart that Tatmadaw has to safeguard Three Main National Causes as the national policy, let the country be led by any political system and government.
The Senior General left the parade after taking the salute of the cadet companies. After the parade, the Senior General received five outstanding cadets at the parlour of the headquarters of DSA and spoke words of honour.
In his speech, the Senior General said those cadets won outstanding awards because of hardworking and discipline in literature, military education and training martial arts during the four-year term. The Senior General stressed the need for those cadets to continue their hardworking throughout their lives while maintaining the basic practices of self-control and discipline. They took excessive training in literature and martial arts without a liberty-stop situation within two years in the third and fourth years due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
As the State and the Tatmadaw turned out those cadets to become good leaders in the future, they have to dutifully serve their assignments with loyalty based on training from the DSA and control themselves so as to repay the debt of gratitude to the State and the Tatmadaw. They themselves need to uplift their lives for meeting the goals. They all have to be loyal to the State and the Tatmadaw as well as their families along their lives applying the good practices. — MNA

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