Tatmadaw members have to avoid indulgence for serving the State defence duties in full swing: Senior General

Commanders need to organize Tatmadaw members as well as their families to love and rely on the Tatmadaw, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with Tatmadaw members and families of Kengtung Station at Pyi Nyein Aye Hall of Triangle Region Command Headquarters yesterday afternoon.

Efforts for political progress and economic development
The Senior General said that the government pays back the foreign debts to foreign countries as much as possible. Currently, the State economy leads to improvement. The country needs to earn trade income and non-trade income. Now, the government has earned income for the State fund.

Peace and stability
The Senior General stressed the need to pave the way for ethnic armed organizations onto the peace track. Meanwhile, it is necessary to eliminate PDF terrorists who emerged from political controversy. In the term of democratic government, the Tatmadaw cooperated with the government in its functions. As Tatmadaw took the reserved measures, the Tatmadaw improved itself.
Serving the State responsibilities in accord with the Constitution
The government serves State responsibilities under the Constitution. The road map of the State Administration Council comprises holding the election and then State power will be handed over to the winning party.

Systematic daily routine, promotion of education, health and fitness
Tatmadaw members have to make preparations to be ready to fight. They have to focus on individual healthy and fit processes on a daily process and doing the correct work process means training themselves. Disciplined acts in all situations uplift their capacity. Commanders need to organize Tatmadaw members as well as their families to love and rely on the Tatmadaw.
The Senior General explained that Tatmadaw arranges convenience of food supply and accommodation and enhancement of educational qualification of students from Tatmadaw member families. At a time when schools reopen, all students of Tatmadaw member families have to attend school. Encouragement of education qualification aims to enable individual people to stand tall in their lives with their capacity. Parents are responsible for the learning of offspring.
The Senior General pointed out that Tatmadaw members need to consume nutritious foods produced by the Tatmadaw. Tatmadaw members have to avoid indulgence for serving the State defence duties in full swing.
The Senior General presented foodstuffs for Tatmadaw members and families of Kengtung Station to the commander and wife of the Senior General, and cash assistance for the station maternal and child welfare association to the wife of the commander.
The Senior General, wife and party met trainees from the basic maritime youth course of the Tatmadaw (Navy) in Kengtung Station, taking training at Nawngtung Lake in Kengtung.
In extending greetings to those trainees, the Senior General underscored that the training course aims to efficiently spend the school holidays and urged them to attend the course to have skills and knowledge.
The Senior General viewed round documentary photos on the training of trainees. The Commander-in-Chief (Navy) and officials reported on conducting the training session.
The Senior General presented foodstuffs to trainees from Kengtung Camp. — MNA/TTA

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