Tatmadaw restores control of Thantlang Township through counter-terrorism operations against CNF, CDF insurgents

Tatmadaw took back Thantlang township in the evening of Thadingyut full moon day on 29 October after launching Counter-Terrorism Operations against the CNF and CDF terrorists who committed ambush on security forces members and departmental staff, arson attacks in Thantlang township, killing innocent people, asking for money, destroyed the houses and State-owned buildings and other destructive elements to destroy the government mechanism.
The terrorists launched attacks in Thantlang township with the use of excessive force on Tatmadaw convoy and township-level police members starting February 2023, and the security forces had to retrace to the southern part of the township due to the weather conditions and ground security despite their best counter-attacks. Moreover, they controlled the entire township area, blocked the security members and made threats to the Thee-River Crossing Bridge. Therefore, Tatmadaw troops reoccupied the Thee-River Crossing Bridge about four miles from Haka township in August as the first stage and regained the entrance of Thantlang from the bridge for the second stage while Thantlang township public construction office and CB Bank for the third stage, and Thantlang Sayyongon and basic education high school for fourth and final stages. Tatmadaw conducted systematic operations step by step to lessen the amount of damage to houses and buildings. After 90 days, on the full moon day of Thadingyut, 29 October, Tatmadaw took control over the entire township. During the attacks, the terrorists used religious buildings, schools, township general hospitals and departmental buildings covered with bricks as bunkers and opened fire on Tatmadaw members. Moreover, the CNF and CDF members reinforced their members using motorcycles and vehicles and used the locals as human shields. Therefore, Tatmadaw followed the Rules of Engagement-ROE and started the operations systematically so as not to affect the residents and destroy the religious buildings, schools, hospitals and departmental buildings. On 29 October, the terrorists launched arson attacks and mine attacks on houses and departmental buildings and moved back, and the security forces launched security measures in the vicinity area of Thantlang township.
During the armed engagement with CNF and CDF terrorists, some security forces members were injured and it also seized 18 arms and ammunition, magazines, bombs, bodies of terrorists and other explosives.
So-called CNF and CDF terrorists piled up bricks in religious buildings, schools, hospitals, business offices and houses while desks in classrooms, used bunkers, and the township hospital also seemed to be used as a buffer in the attacks.
Therefore, the authorities arranged to remove the debris and mines so the residents to enter their township, repair the schools and launch rehabilitation programmes in the township as quickly as possible.
Similarly, the combined armed groups of KIA, MNDAA and TNLA also attacked the military stations and security outposts in the northern and northeast of Shan State such as Lashio, Hsenwi, Kutkai, Muse, Kyukok, Monekoe, Hpawng Hseng regions, Kunlong, Chinshwehaw and Laukkai and also killed the civilians and launched destructive elements to affect the border trade and transport on 27 October 2023 and so there are still armed engagements until 30 October. — MNA/KTZH

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