Temporary resettlement plans in progress for swift return of IDPs to their homes

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing pledged to strive for them to soonest reside in their natives in meeting with temporary internally displaced persons.
Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and his wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla yesterday afternoon, met temporary IDPs at Thiri Mingala Mansu Shan Monastery in Lashio.
The Senior General urged those IDPs to make collaborative efforts for rehabilitation tasks on their arrival at their regions and pledged to provide necessary aid to them as much as possible.
He also comforted those persons with the plans to forge peace and stability of the region as quickly as possible.
On his arrival at Thiri Mingala Mansu Shan Monastery in Lashio, the Senior General and wife donated a replica Buddha image of Maravijaya Buddha Image and alms to abbot of Mansu Shan Monastery Agga Maha Ganthavacaka Pandita Agga Maha Kammathanacariya Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja Dr Bhaddanta Puññananda and presented K500 million, more than 6,000 pieces of clothes, rice and foodstuffs for temporary IDPs in Lashio.
At the headquarters of North-East Command, the Senior General and wife presented K500 million for officers, other ranks and families serving security duties in the command area through the commander.
Due to terror acts of MNDAA, TNLA and AA groups and PDF terrorists starting from 27 October, Shan State (North) lost some villages, towns, roads and bridges. Local residents evaded from their regions and are taking shelter at monasteries, schools, religious buildings, offices and buildings in Lashio. So far, a total of 4,922 persons from 1,428 households are taking shelter there.
The government and the Tatmadaw are providing necessary aid to them for convenience of basic needs of the temporarily IDPs and management measures. Moreover, arrangements are being made for taking regional security measures for those persons to reside in their regions peacefully.
The temporarily IDPs spoke words of thanks for provisions of aids and expressed their experiences as follows:-
Now, we are taking shelter in evasion of war at Mansu monastery. We faced many difficulties. Our property and houses were damaged by unscrupulous persons, but we are now in good conditions thanks to Mansu Sayadaw. We condemn a handful of unscrupulous persons who destroyed our property. We are pleased for Chairman of the State Administration Council who arrived here. We pray not to face current hardships in more lives.
We do never have such experiences. Thanks to assistance of the administrative bodies and the State, we are taking shelter at Mansu monastery. We also pray not to face current plights in the future and not to emerge similar organizations. We left our houses and property as well as our businesses. Anyhow, we cannot support those saboteurs.
Now, we are homeless, taking shelter at the monastery of Mansu Pagoda. The Prime Minister fulfilled our needs. He pledged he will provide aid to all families for convenience. He also fulfilled requirements of all measures. We heartily thanked all officials for their donations and safeguarding measures.
Now, we are staying here with evasion of war. We thank the Head of State and officials much for their aid to us in Lashio. — MNA/TTA

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