Terrorist attacks on infrastructure threatens peace and socio-economic stability

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230 KV Thayagon-Kamanet-Baider electricity transmission tower destroyed by terrorists.

Armed insurgents and PDF terrorists are engaging in the acts of burning and destroying government banks, private banks, departmental offices, State-owned and private property, factories and industries, telecom towers, and electicity transmission towers with the intention of undermining the country’s peace, stability and rule of law.
Due to their violent actions, a total of 81 electricity transmission towers were destroyed between 2 February 2021, and 16 November 2023. The most crucial transmission towers, constructed for the development of the country and the improvement of people’s socio-economic life, are being destroyed through mine explosions and arson by the terrorists, causing significant damage and loss for citizens who rely on electricity daily.
It is reported that citizens can secretly communicate news of terrorist activities to nearby security forces, and the security forces will continue anti-terrorism operations in cooperation with the public to maintain state peace, tranquility, and the rule of law. — MNA/TRKM

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