Terrorist groups brutally kill teachers

Teachers are honoured as part of the Five Infinite Venerables, and the manner of paying respect to the teachers can be only seen in Myanmar as a tradition. The teachers teach their pupils based on their goodwill like their own offspring and dutifully serve a teacher’s duties. They must train their pupils and students in the best discipline. They see that they grasp their lessons well. They instruct them in the arts and sciences, they provide for their safety in every quarter, and they introduce them to their friends and associates.
Those who want to gain political profits, extremist NLD members and their supporters, NUG, CRPH and PDFs committed incitement against the education staff to join CDM with social punishment and threats and also committed bomb attacks and arson attacks on schools and killed the teachers to hamper the education sector. Due to the terrorist acts, 12 teachers died and 15 were injured between 1 February and 15 November.

The people are urged to report on the movements of terrorists who killed the teachers to the nearest security forces. — MNA

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