Terrorists burn state-owned and public buildings

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Ravages are seen after arson attack by terrorists.

Terrorists threw burning sticks into the traffic light control rooms located at the corner of Insein road and Parami road and the corner of Parami road and Mindamma road on 26 April.
The fire was not spread to the control rooms as the security forces put out the fire.
Similarly, two terrorists set fire to the warehouse in the “Kyunfoo” wine production company compound in Uthamyothit (9) ward in Bago Town, Bago Region, at around 3 am yesterday. Due to the arson attack, one TV, one generator and 30 cement bags were burnt and destroyed. The fire was extinguished at around 5 am by the security forces and fire brigades. The investigations are reportedly underway to identify and take actions against those perpetrators. — MNA

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