Terrorists commit terror acts with use of grenades, homemade mines and bombs

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Dagon Myothit (South).

Groups of terrorists and rioters exploded State-owned buildings, some residences of the people and planted homemade mines on public roads.
Ma Aye Lay, 37, was injured in a blast from a polyethylene bag near the southern arch of Mahazedi Pagoda in Ywabe Ward of Pyay Township at 6 pm on 8 May. The wounded was sent to Pyay Hospital to take medical treatment for the unserious injuries.
An explosion happened in front of Thant Zin clinic on Thitsa road in Ward 2 of Hpa-an in Kayin State at 7:05 pm. The explosion of a homemade mine left a woman and a child injured (unserious). Likewise, two terrorist men (under scrutiny) by motorcycle threw two homemade mines at the township development committee office in Ward 9 at 7:10 pm. The explosion of mines caused damage to a door and a fluorescent lamp.
At 7:15 pm, two terrorist men (under scrutiny) driving a motorcycle threw a 36 mm grenade at Eindu police station in Hpa-an Township, but it did not explode. Terrorists threw three homemade mines to the police station and staff housings. The explosion happened behind the housing. Security forces detained Khin Lin Htwe (a) Po Htwa, 30 of Eindu Village. No one injury and damage happened in the incident.
At about 8 pm, two men (under scrutiny) by motorcycle threw a homemade mine at the office of Township Immigration and Population Department in Hsa Ward of Pyigyidagun Township of Mandalay Region. The mine exploded on 128th street without injury and damage.
At about 8:30 pm, a blast happened in Hayma Malar South Ward in Mahaaungmye Township. A homemade mine blasted near Sanda May snack shop at the corner of 78th and 37th streets, leaving no injury and damage.
A terrorist threw a grenade at the house of U Aung Hla, 63 of Ohdan Ward 6 in Mogaung in Kachin State, at 8:35 pm. Security forces found a grenade without fuse bearing APDF (TAS) letter from the house’s compound and deactivated it. At the same time, security forces saw the explosion of a homemade mine in the compound of U Tin Hlaing’s house. The blast did not affect anything.
At 9:15 pm, a homemade mine was found in front of No 2 Basic Education High School in Ward 3 of Myawady in Kayin State.
At 10:30 pm, security forces found pieces of the exploded PVC pipe, one detonator, one circuit chip, two wires, parts of mosquito repellent bottle, 3.7-volt cell chamber and gunpowder in the drain of Myoma BEPS between 7th and 8th streets in Shwechi Ward in Pyinmana.
At about 1 am on 9 May, an armed insurgent group exploded the 300 feet long and 25 feet wide Chaungwa bridge at the border of Kachin State and Sagaing Region. The explosion destroyed about an eight square area on the bridge in Kachin State without any injury. At present, vehicles cannot pass the bridge.
At 2:25 am, an explosion happened on the lane linking Natmauk and Duya roads in Yangyiaung Ward of Ye, Mon State. The blast destroyed the brick wall and two windows of the house, but no one was injured.
At about 4:20 am, a terrorist (under scrutiny) threw a homemade bomb at the house of Daw Mya Mon Aye, 43, in Konzaung Village in Pwintbyu Township, leaving no injury and damage.
At 6:15 am, security forces found an explosion of the homemade mine in front of the house of U Aung Ko Latt in Shwekanyinpin Village in Kyaunggon Township.
A blast occurred at the township education office in Ward 8 of Natogyi Township in the Mandalay Region, and another blast at Kanbawza Bank in Ward 4 at 6:15 am. The base of the ATM and its steel door were damaged in the explosion.
Security forces found a homemade mine near the level crossing on Ayeyawun Road in Ward 22 of Dagon Myothit (South) Township at 6:40 am and deactivated the mine. The security forces also deactivated homemade mines in Ward 1 of Kamayut Township, Ward 8 of Hline Township, Ward 2 of Kamayut Township and No 2 BEHS in Zaygon Ward of Mogaung in Kachin State in the morning.
At 9:20 am, a homemade mine exploded near the hall in front of the staff housing of Chin State Administration Council in Haka. The explosion caused damage at six corrugated iron sheets. Security forces are investigating the terrorist cases to take effective action against the offenders under the law. — MNA

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