Thai mango entering Pakokku market in bulk

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Thai mangoes are entering Pakokku market abundantly the whole year.  Photo: Ko Htein (KPD)

Thailand mangoes are entering Pakokku market in bulk in Pakokku Town, Magway Region, said U Tin Ko, the owner of Mya Nilar sour mango depot.
“Thailand mangoes are entering the market the whole year. Now, they are abundantly entering the market. The Thailand mango price has slightly dropped after Myanmar mango tree has blossomed. One bag of mango containing six visses costs K6,000. However, one mango bag fetched K8,000 in summer. The mango is julienned, and it is sold back at K1,700 per viss. The mango juliennes need to be mixed only with salt,” Daw Kay Thi explained. During the new harvested mango season, the mangoes are selling at a high price. After an amply harvested time, the mango price fetched only K2,000 or K2,500 per basket. The mangoes are stored as sour mangoes in pick up season. Then, they are sold back when green mangoes are rare. Now, the sour mangos are sold for K1,400 per viss.
The taste of Thailand mangoes is not as good as the local mangoes. But, it yields the whole year and is sold in the market, according to a sour mango maker. —Ko Htein (KPD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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