The Fifth Month of the State Administration Council Government

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n Anti-terrorism: The Anti-Terrorism Central Committee held a meeting to combat the currently occurring acts of violence in the country under the existing laws and procedures on 23 June in Nay Pyi Taw. Among other topics, the Central Committee members led by the Union Minister for Home Affairs discussed the prevention of such acts by systematically investigating potentially divisive factors and dealing with these in time, and actions to combat extremist and terrorist acts.
n Substance abuse and trafficking: In June, the government also implemented the international commitments Myanmar had made towards the 1988 UN Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. To mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on 26 June, authorities in Yangon, Mandalay and Taunggyi burnt narcotic drugs that had been captured by security forces.
n Child protection: The Committee for the Prevention of Recruitment of Child Soldiers held its first meeting in 2021 on 9 June to accelerate the implementation of work plans.
n Prisoners’ rights: The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission inspected prisons, police cells and prison camps in June with a view to addressing the rights of detainees and inmates under national law.
n Housing: Seventy-five units of the Thukha Taw Win housing estate in Nay Pyi Taw, near the Myoma market, were allocated through a lottery system to buyers who had made payment in early June. Moreover, the government constructed housing units in MraukU and Minbya townships for Rakhine refugees. For civil servants, steps were undertaken throughout June to make Mya Nandar government employee housing in Yangon available starting from 1 July.
n New and renewable energy: The Union Minister for Electricity and Energy inspected solar power plant construction sites and hydropower plants to monitor the progress and constraints in the provision of energy for the country.
n Legal issues: The special appeal court comprising Chief Justice of the Union Supreme Court passed judgments on five exceptional criminal appeal cases and heard six special civil appeal cases on 14 June. On 29 June, the cases against 24 artists under penal code 505-A were withdrawn on 29 June.
n Sports. The State Administration Council government has made concerted efforts to promote sports competitions to enhance the health and fitness of youths. The final match of the States and Regions Football Cup for Under-21 Youth was held on 24 June. The stadiums across the country have seen a step-up in sports activities over the past few months.
n Population registration: The month of June also saw the acceleration of the Pankhin project, which aims to issue identity and citizenship cards to the whole population, together with the drive to have all households legally registered.
n Domestic travel: To meet domestic demand, a new flight route Mandalay-Magway-Sittway was implemented on 14 and 24 June. Intercity buses resumed operations on 12 June, while the Mandalay-Bagan and Thazi-Myingyan trains also resumed operations on 15 June.

Media issues
The Information Team of the State Administration Council regularly replies to questions raised by the media. Daily news broadcasts address issues of interest to the public. In recent months, the State Administration Council Information Team has made special efforts to identify, quote, and counter the fake news circulated by unethical media and social media outlets, which have been taken up by foreign news agencies, who do not check with alternate sources, even when the fake news are clearly implausible.
On 11 June, the State Administration Council Information Team broadcast a statement of appreciation for the dedicated efforts of principals and teachers serving in the newly opened schools amidst security concerns and other challenges.
On 12 June, the Information Team held its sixth media conference. Increasingly, as terrorists are tracked down and caught, their confessions are shown on public broadcasts by the Information Team. Every media conference has also included a report on the investigations of the Union Election Commission.
The Ministry of Information issued a warning to media outlets that spread false information. On the other hand, the ministry granted licences to five journals, 22 general publishers and two news agencies on 8 June.
Each year, the government presents the national literature lifetime achievement award, national literature awards in 18 genres and Sarpay Beikman manuscripts award in 14 genres to authors. With a view to promoting Myanmar literature, the government announced on 16 June that the prize values would be increased for achievements as of 2020, to K10 million for the national literature lifetime achievement award, K3 million for each of the winners in the national literature award, K1.5 million for the first prize winner, K1 million for the second and K700,000 for the third in the Sarpay Beikman manuscripts award.

Only a few of the undertakings of the new government have been summarized here. As in previous months, the State Administration Council and the whole government have worked hard and their efforts, together with participation and cooperation from the public, have led to several notable accomplishments despite the challenges over the past month.

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