The Government set aim for ensuring prosperity and food sufficiency: Senior General

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If Mandalay utilizes remarkable development gained in terms of multiparty democratic governments, it will be a business hub of the State, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in meeting with leaders of all religious organizations, town elders, officials from Mandalay Industrial Zone Management Committee, Mandalay Region Chambers of Commerce and Industry at the city hall in Mandalay Region yesterday.
The meeting was attended by leaders from Mandalay-based YMBA, Upper Myanmar Hindu Religious Organization, Mandalay Catholic Cathedral, Mandalay Baptist Church, Islamic Religious Organization, MMIC Chairman U Khin Maung Hla, MRCCI Chair U Win Htay and officials.
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said that Mandalay is of importance for Buddhists, Islams and Christians as well as other State leaders and artistes. If Mandalay utilizes remarkable development gained in terms of multiparty democratic governments, it will be a business hub of the State.
Maravijaya Buddha Image is being carved with the use of marble rocks obtained from Madaya Township, and the image will be the largest marble image not only in Myanmar but in the world. As Mandalay is a cultural city of Myanmar, it is necessary to preserve the culture and prestige of Myanmar dynasties.
Mandalay is a centre for transport of goods to across the nation in a convenient manner. Efforts were made for ensuring sufficicy of electricity in successive eras. Now, implementation of the electricity projects are delaying due to various disturbances.
Some organizations politically utilize the generating of electricity in Myanmar with reasons on impacts of natural environments. So, Myanmar does not have sufficient electeicity. Use of LED bulbs can reduce electricity consumption as well as charges of electricity bills. Biogas from the agriculture and livestock farms can be utilized for consumption.
The government is striving for improvement of roads and bridges so as to ensure smooth transportation for the people. Hence, all need to make efforts for development of economy based on good transport facilities.
Every country is striving for development of respective countries. Governments of developing countries, least developed countries, G-7 countries and OECD countries are focusing on development of their countries. The governments which cannot manage development of the countries face various problems. Those who could develop the countries can take support of the people. Hence, efforts are being made for development of the nation. And individual people need to strive for improvement of their lives.
The Government set aim for ensuring prosperity and food sufficiency. It means all the people must be happy in working and the country must be prevailing rule of law, peaceful and free working. All school age children will have the chance to learn education. The Senior General requested all religious leaders in Mandalay to urge the people to participate in prosperity and development of the country. All must join hands in prosperity of the nation and food sufficiency.
The Senior General presented gifts and K15 million each to religious organizations in Mandalay through respective religious leaders.
On behalf of the religious leaders in Mandalay, Vice Chairman of Upper Myanmar Hinduism Organization U Maung Maung Lwin spoke words of thanks, pledging that they will coordinate to successfully serve the religious measures and intersts of the State.
After the ceremony, the Senior General cordially greeted the attendees to the meeting.—MNA

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