The success of manufacturing is based on raw materials, capital, technology and qualified human resources: Senior General

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The Senior General views the foodstuffs displayed at the meeting yesterday.

A plan is underway to construct a railway to Dawei for the smooth process of tourism and trade measures, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with MSME businesspersons from Dawei District in Taninthayi Region at the town hall in Dawei yesterday afternoon.

Individual reports on the need for economic development
The chief minister of Taninthayi Region reported on the implementation of MSMEs in Taninthayi Region, manufacturing in industrial zones, assistance for the development of MSMEs, conducting of on-job training, improvement of oil production, the progress of agriculture and livestock farms, and electrification for MSMEs.
Local businesspersons also presented reports on the production of relevant businesses, the need for loans, the need to ease restrictions for inshore trawlers, the establishment of an industrial zone in Dawei for running MSMEs, and easing restrictions for tourism development and other local businesses.

Discussions of Union ministers in respective sectors
Union Ministers U Win Shein, Dr Kan Zaw, U Hla Moe, U Khin Maung Yi, Dr Charlie Than and U Aung Naing Oo discussed plans to coordinate the disbursement of loans under the provisions, needs to pay back debts to the State, formation of cooperative societies in the agricultural sector to implement the contract farming system, conservation of mangrove forests for fishery sector, and releasing trade information in time. The Chief Minister of the region explained fulfilment for the development of MSMEs.

Development of MSMEs in Dawei District
In his speech, the Senior General said the Tatmadaw government implemented the market economic system and the current government is paving the way for multiparty democracy with the market economic system. Agriculture and livestock farms are the firmest business. So, the government encourages the operation of MSMEs for the enhancement of the State economy, for substituting import goods and increasing the export products to foreign markets.

Efficiently utilizing domestic raw materials to enhance manufacturing
Rubber products should be used for manufacturing tyres, shoes and other personal goods with modern technology so as to benefit the Taninthayi Region. Likewise, if raw materials produced in the region can be used to produce personal goods, it will enhance the local economy and reduce imported goods. As such, it is necessary to use domestic agricultural and livestock raw materials for success in manufacturing.

Needs to have raw materials, capital, technology and human resources
Arrangements are being made to continuously implement Dawei Special Economic Zone which was halted for various reasons. The success of manufacturing is based on raw materials, capital, technology and qualified human resources. The government will issue loans with designated interest rates. It is necessary to have qualified human resources for producing high-quality products.
Smooth and swift process of tourism and trade sectors
As international travellers enter Dawei via border areas, local authorities and people need to carry out the beautification of the region conscientiously. Moreover, it is necessary to restore peace and stability in the region and the prevalence of law and order so as to increase the number of travellers to the region. A plan is underway to construct a railway to Dawei for the smooth process of tourism and trade measures.
Local people are responsible for the development of the Dawei Region. They have to utilize raw materials from the region to achieve success in manufacturing. As the government will provide necessary assistance for them, they all have to strive for increasing production.
The Senior General interestedly viewed round foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, traditional handiwork products, clothes and traditional medicines and asked about the market situations of the products.
The Senior General and party viewed round the strand road in Dawei in a motorcade. —MNA

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