To benefit China-Myanmar trade flow Dali-Baoshan rail link


A first section of the Dali-Ruilirailway, which will connect Dali in Yunnan Province with Muse in northern Myanmar, was opened recently. As a result of the route, South-East Asian countries, including China and Myanmar, will be able to exchange goods more easily.
The Dali-Baoshan railway section, part of the Dali-Ruili railway, which took 14 years to build, is now running in Baoshan city.
Baoshan city is situated in southern Yunnan Province and connects with Myanmar. Upon the successful opening of the Dali-Baoshan route, China and Myanmar will be able to exchange goods more easily.
As part of the MoU between Myanmar and China governments, there are a lot of projects that support BRI. There is an MoU for the improvement of processes at the Ruili-Muse border trade collaboration zone, as well as an MoU for cooperation between Mandalay Region and Yunnan Province regarding the Myanmar Economic Corridor.
In China, the Baoshan-Ruili sector system is currently being constructed, and once the whole route is completed, China-Myanmar international railway can be completed. — TWA/GNLM

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