Chilli prices hike by four times year on year, making healthy profits for farmers

Chilli farmers were pictured in Theetattkan (North) Village in Meiktila Township last year.

The new Moe Htaung chilli from Thaedaw, Kyaukse and Thazi fetches good prices in the Yangon market making profits for chilli farmers.
In early August 2021, the chilli was priced at K4,000 per viss in the Yangon market and K15,000 per viss on 2 August 2022 while K16,000 per viss on 3 August. The price becomes four times compared to the same period of the previous year.
As there is proper rainfall during this year, the chilli production rate and prices are higher than last year, and the chilli farmers get good profits. The new Pyawbwe Moe Htaung chilli will enter the market soon.
The new Thaedaw Moe Htaung chilli entered the Yangon market at K8,000 per viss by the end of June 2022 while Kyaukse Di Mo monsoon chilli at K12,000 per viss by the end of July. The chilli price was high about K16,000 per viss within a few months. In early July, the chilli price was K8,500 per viss while K10,000 per viss in mid-July, K11,500-12,000 per viss at the end of July, K13,000 per viss on 1 August, K15,000 per viss on 2 August and K16,000 per viss on 3 August. The prices are increasing on three consecutive days, said a chilli wholesale centre owner.
On 3 August, the Thedaw, Kyaukse and Thazi monsoon chilli was priced at K16,000-16,500 per viss at the Bayintnaung market, while long chilli at K14,500, Panye and Myarni chilli at K15,000-15,500, chilli stored at cold storage at K16,000-16,500, long chilli of delta region at K15,500 and chilli stored at cold storage at K16,000-16,500.
Similarly, the chilli pepper was priced at K16,000, Myitwa chilli pepper at K16000, and Sinphyukyun chilli pepper at K16,000. The highest chilli price was K7,000 per viss at the Bayintnaung market over the past three decades.
Although the prices of 2022 become higher double (four times than the same period of last year) within a few months, the Indian long chilli (six-viss bag) do not enter the market, said a chilli dealer.
It is strange that the palm oil, onion, garlic and potato from other countries enter the market except for the chilli, said chilli purchaser U Kaung. – TWA/GNLM

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