Transport charges in downtown Yangon higher than highway fare

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Some trucks are seen near the Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre.

Transport charges in Yangon are higher than fares to the countryside areas, said a person who faced such a case.
“When I sent a 10-viss carton to Aung Mingala highway terminal from the countryside 300 miles away from Yangon and freigh charges are K4,000. However, the freight charges for it from the Highway terminal to downtown Yangon are K5,500,” parcel owner U San told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
He added, As service charges are so high, I investigate the short-haul transport service. It costs only K1,000 from Aung Mingala to Mingala Taungnyunt. Therefore, I refused the K55,00 service.
People face local short-haul services at higher service charges than normal service providers. Similarly, the car rental fee from the downtown area is higher than the bus fare of Hlinethaya terminal.
The car rental fee from downtown Yangon to the highway bus terminal is about K15,000. Therefore, the 14-seat HiAce car operates from Yangon’s Hlinethaya highway bus terminal to the delta region.
In August 2022, the diesel was above K3,000 per litre and now it is only K2,200 per litre. However, there are still people who offer higher service prices. Customers negotiate with gas-fuelled taxi drivers in Yangon.
People purchase their products at higher prices at the Nyaungpinlay market in Lanmadaw Township despite wholesale prices at the Bayintnaung wholesale centre due to high car rental fees.
Yangon vendors choose rideshares for the same directions to save charges, grocery store owner Ma Win from Lanmadaw Township told the GNLM. — TWA/KTZH


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