Try to develop agriculture and livestock farming for food sufficiency


Food sufficiency in respective areas can be dubbed as the prosperity of the country. It is because the prosperity of the country reflects the physical and mental wellbeing of the people.
As such, authorities in regions and states including those of Nay Pyi Taw Territorial Area should make strenuous efforts for ensuring food sufficiency in respective areas in order to meet the food demands of the people.
In this regard, the agriculture and livestock sector play a key role in the implementation of the food sufficiency projects, engaging in the layer, broiler, dairy cow, beef cattle and hog farming works with the encouragement of the authorities. These livestock farming works must be under systematic management for the production of meat and eggs to be supplied to meet the daily public consumption.
However, it can be seen that the per-acre yield of certain strains of crops dips in some regions and states. Local farmers need to systematically use the agricultural inputs so as to resurge the per-acre yields of crops. For the time being, the government is striving for a sufficient supply of fertilizers to the farmers across the nation.
On the other hand, it is necessary to widen the scope of local farmers to use the waste from livestock farms as natural fertilizers in crop plantations. In fact, it is a move not only to save the expenditure on agricultural tasks but also to substitute the import goods as well as to minimize the air pollution for the environmental conservation.
That is why it is necessary to operate systematic livestock breeding farms so as to produce natural fertilizers. Moreover, efforts are being made to resume the operation of the fertilizer plants at home for meeting the local demands.
Only then will fertilizers, quality strains of crops, proper use of pesticides and chemicals, systematic agricultural techniques and sufficient supply of agricultural water result in the high yield of crops in the coming season. The high per-acre yield of crops including paddy will earn incomes from the export of agricultural products to the international markets not only for the State and but also for the local farmers.
Indeed, the livestock and agricultural sector directly affects the food sufficiency for the people. Whenever such a sector is developing, it is sure that the people residing across Myanmar would never face starvation.

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