U Bein Bridge, Taungthaman Lake travellers enjoy boat rides, tours in decorated horse carts

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The photo shows decorated horse carts and boats at the Taungthaman Lake.

Over 10,000 travellers visited daily during the three-day holiday in February.
Both domestic and international travellers enjoy boat rides and tours in decorated horse carts around Taungthaman Lake and the U Bein Bridge, a renowned tourist attraction in Mandalay. A significant influx of both domestic and international tourists has been observed since 1 February.
Traditional decorated horse carts are available for rent in various options to enhance visitors’ experiences amidst the natural beauty surrounding the U Bein Bridge and Mae Zel trees. Initially introduced in 2019 with fares ranging from K5,000 to K10,000, the rental charges have now increased, ranging from K15,000 to over K30,000, depending on the distance covered around Taungthaman and along the Mae Zel trees. According to U Soe Win, the secretary of the U Bein Bridge maintenance team, more than 10,000 domestic and international travellers visited the iconic Taungthaman Bridge and Taungthaman Lake during the three consecutive holidays in February.
“The number of visitors to Taungthaman Lake, both domestic and international, has significantly surged in February. Since 1 February, the daily influx of both domestic and international visitors has been on the rise. Over 10,000 people per day, including both domestic and international tourists, visited on 10, 11, and 12 February. Similarly, there is an increasing number of tourists arriving to enjoy the serene sunsets at Taungthaman Lake,” said U Soe Win. — ASH/MKKS

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