UMFCCI holds talks with EuroCham Myanmar on country’s electricity, bank policy issues

2023 02 09 11 37 10 2
EuroCham Myanmar and UMFCCI officials discuss the issues encountered in various business sectors.

The European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar discussed with the officials from the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) that the main difficulties faced by Myanmar are banking issues, regulatory challenges and power outages.
Chairman of the Myanmar-based European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar, Mr Adrian Short, CEO Ms Karina Ufert, and members, added during the meeting with the president and officials of the UMFCCI that EuroCham Myanmar conducted a research paper regarding the economic conditions of Myanmar.
UMFCCI chairman and officials stated that they will continue to report the difficulties encountered in various business sectors to the relevant ministries and committees to increase foreign investment and create job opportunities in Myanmar.
They discussed getting the right information and increasing cooperation between EuroCham and the Federation.
EuroCham Myanmar has more than 140 member companies that are investing and operating in Myanmar. — TWA/KZL

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