Union Industry Minister inspects factories in Mandalay Region

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Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than paid a visit to Paleik, Mandalay Region on the morning of 1 January.
Arriving at the Textile Factory in Paleik, he met industrialists from Mandalay Region at the factory conference hall.
During the meeting, the Union Minister said that by using local raw materials for operations of the factorties, local consumption could be sufficient and local people could get jobs. As a substitute for imports, it will have the benefit of reducing the spending of foreign currency.
“If the government and the private sector work together for the development of the industrial sector, it will develop rapidly.
With the development of the textile industry, all those involved in the garment sector will have jobs and living standards will rise,” the Union Minister said.
“In order to obtain sufficient supply of cotton raw materials for cotton mills, it is necessary to carry out awareness-raising activities on cotton cultivation by distributing high-yielding cotton seeds to cotton growers,” he added. He called on the textile industrialists to openly address the difficulties they are facing.
Afterwards, the entrepreneurs presented the issues facing the operation of the business and the Union Minister coordinated and inspected the process of yarn production.
Next, the Union Minister visited the paper mill in Paleik and instructed officials to conduct multiplier training to prevent the loss of existing technology and skills in the factory and inspected the production process inside the factory. At No.7 Garment Factory (branch) in Wundwin, the Union minister inspected production process. In the evening, the Union Minister looked into the looms being tested by the factory staff at No. 8 Garment Factory branch in Yamethin.—MNA

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