Union Minister for Industry inspects DaikU starch plant, Thagara industrial region in Bago

Dr. Charli Than 1 NS
The MoI Union Minister is inspecting the methyl alcohol production process at the DaikU Starch Plant.

Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than inspected DaikU Starch Plant and Thagara Industrial Region in Bago Region yesterday morning.
During the inspection tour in DaikU Starch Plant, the Union Minister said the State Administration Council has given instructions to encourage agricultural-based industries and production of agricultural-based products, by supporting local SMEs based on agriculture and livestock.
He instructed officials to cultivate climate-friendly industrial crops and livestock farming in the vacant land owned by the factory; to strictly adhere to GMP guidelines for the current production of methyl alcohol in the factory; to manage to produce more methyl alcohol that are used in the COVID-19 prevention activities; to enhance the capacity of employees to produce high quality and standard products; to pay attention to the management of fixed assets such as factory land, building and machinery, and to inspect the production of methyl alcohol with the machinery used to produce starch powder and sweeteners before.
In the afternoon, the Union Minister arrived in Thagara Industrial region and inspected No (14), No (15) and No (26) Heavy Factories, coordinating business requirements. — MNA

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