Union Minister U Ko Ko pays homage to Sitagu Sayadaw

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The MoRAC Union Minister and party are paying the inspection tours in Sagaing yesterday.

Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture U Ko Ko donated offertories to Sitagu Sayadaw Dr Bhaddanta Nyanissara at the Sitagu International Vipassana Academy in Sagaing Township yesterday.
Then, the Union Minister presented the holding of 73rd Tipidakadhara Tipidaka Kovida exams, government Dhamma Cariya and Pali Prathama Pyan exam, plans for the propagation of Sasana and COVID-19 vaccination programmes for the monks and nuns.
The Union Minister and party also visited Ti Lawka Guru Cave in Sagaing and instructed the officials to adopt proper ways in preserving the mural paintings of the Nyaung Yan era.
He inspected the artworks of the Inwa era displayed at the museum, and he highlighted the duties of the ministry, like exploring the hidden clues of pre and post-history to conserve the materials. He said that if the ministry cooperates with the Department of Archaeology and National Museum for the findings, there would be valuable historical things for the country. It should preserve the historic buildings in their original styles. It should also share information about ancient areas or facilities via the ministry’s website or distribute pamphlets to improve the tourism sector.
The Union Minister and party finally inspected Bagaya monastery, city wall, Nan Myint Tower and Mal Nu Oak Monastery in ancient Inwa city. — MNA

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