Unite strengths of national people to overcome natural disasters

Nowadays, Myanmar manages manpower, money and materials to mitigate the impacts and risks of natural disasters across the nation all year round for easing tensions of the people whenever disasters fall.
In history, despite having experiences with severely dangerous natural disasters such as cyclonic storms, floods, torrential rains, earthquakes, Myanmar could overcome them successfully.
Myanmar experienced natural disasters based on natural situations within ten years from 2000 to 2010, with 23 per cent for the outbreak of fire, 11 per cent for flooding, 12 per cent for storms and four per cent for earthquakes, tsunami and landslides.

In line with the motto: “Unity of strength”, no matter how dangerous the natural disasters are, it is sure that the entire people would overcome them successfully.

The National Natural Disaster Management Committee operates the disaster management tasks in all seasons. Moreover, training courses on disaster risk reduction are conducted in relevant regions and states as well as districts to realize the motto: all survivors must be alive.
Not only Tatmadaw members but also volunteers and departmental staff perform rescue and relief tasks whenever disasters fall in any parts of the nation as soon as they have information.
When the rescue works end, the national committee arranges the distribution of relief supplies to the victims from disaster-affected areas. Hence, two central warehouses, 15 region and state warehouses, 46 district warehouses and 51 township warehouses store relief supplies so as to provide them to the victims in time.
The Department of Disaster Management warehouses distribute 22 items of relief supplies, including clothes, sheets of tarpaulin, plastic boxes, packets of instant noodles, women sanitary napkin and underwear, and mosquito nets to the victims on time.
As part of preparations to supply relief aid in time, the central warehouse in Yangon Region stores 17 items of relief supplies and regional development equipment for 15,000 households, whereas Yangon Region Disaster Management Department stockpiles relief items for 5,000 homes. These warehouses are ready to deliver the relief supplies to the affected people.
All the entire national people need to make concerted efforts to safely overcome the challenges of natural disasters in all seasons. In line with the motto: “Unity of strength”, no matter how dangerous the natural disasters are, it is sure that the entire people would overcome them successfully.

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