Veteran song composer Myoma Shun Myaing (aka) Sayagyi U Shun Myaing passes away

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Veteran song composer Myoma U Shun Myaing (aka) Sayagyi U Shun Myaing.

Veteran song composer Myoma Shun Myaing (aka) Sayagyi U Shun Myaing, son of Alinkar Kyaw Swa Myoma Nyein (U Nyein), from Chanayethazan Township of Mandalay, passed away on the morning of 18 December.
The Myoma Band of Mandalay was established by U Taw Lon in 1928, with participation of Myoma Nyein, father of U Shun Myaing. In his career, U Shun Myaing composed a lot of songs including the songs depicting the Myanmar’s traditional Maha Thingyan festival, for the band. He published Book No 1 on Myanmar songs composed by Myoma Nyein and another book on Myanmar’s classical songs, piano and orchestra. The book published in commemoration of the 105th birthday of Myoma Nyein expressed that it was compiled on the songs composed by Myoma Nyein. Another book on Myanmar’s classical songs, piano and orchestra mentioned cords of piano in playing the classical songs.
Composer U Shun Myaing was a renowned artiste concerning the Myoma Band and Myoma songs. “Songs of Myoma Nyein, U Ba Thein, U Shun Myaing and U Paw are public friendly artistic works till today. Some five new songs came out on a yearly basis. So, songs were composed in decades. As such, thousands of masterpiece songs including Taychithu, Tatnuyin, Taythazin, especially Nagar Mei were produced one after another. These are national heritages. The Myoma Band produced the song albums but many famous songs have not been put into the albums yet,” said writer Hsu Hnget of Mandalay.
Song composer U Shun Myaing, who had served as the chair and patron of the Myoma band, preserved the tradition of Myoma band and national characters and Myanma music. Once, the family of Myoma Nyein and members of the Myoma band led by Myoma U Shun Myaing held a press conference to object the act of a beer company which distributed Tuborg brand beer across the nation with an attempt to tarnish the image of ‘Toopoh’ Thingyan song.
The veteran song composer who passed away at aged 79 left wife Daw Mya Mya Moe, four children and 12 grandchildren. The Myoma Band released a statement on its sadness similar to the bereaved family. The remains of the veteran composer will be cremated at Aye Yein Nyein cemetery at 11 am on 20 December.—TWA/GNLM

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