Seikkyi-Khanaungto Bridge across Twantay Canal 19 per cent complete

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The construction site of Seikkyi-Khanaungto Bridge.

According to the Ministry of Construction, 19 per cent of the construction of Seikkyi-Khanaungto Bridge, which connects Seikkyi-Khanaungto Township with Dala Township of Yangon Region, has been completed.
The Seikkyi-Khanaungto Bridge is built across the Twantay Canal, and the construction of the bridge is currently only 19 per cent complete.
The bridge construction would totally cost K34 billion from the Union Budget. The bridge will haves 740 meters long, and a two-lane steel arch bridge.
The bridge will have a 28 feet wife motorway. The sidewalk will be 1.5 feet wife on each side, and the water clearance will be 49 feet high and 459 feet wide, and it can withstand 75 tonnes of loads.
The main bridge span will have a 160 meters long span and two 45-m steel box girder spans. Eight 30-meter bridge spans and one 20-meter span will be built on the bank of Seikkyi-Khanaungto Township.
The foundation of the bridge will be built with reinforced concrete beams, the upper main bridge will be made of steel arch bridge and Steel Box Girder, and the approach bridges will be built of PC Girders.
The construction of the Seikkyi-Khanaungto Bridge was funded by the Union bduget, and construction task force (1) spent K2 billion on the approach bridge and K32 billion on the bridge construction work, totalling amounting to K34 billion.
The 2022-2023 financial year, K2,000 million will be spent on bored piles on the side of Seikkyi-Khanaungto Township and piling works on the side of Dala Township.
In order to provide drinking water to the people of Seikkyi-Khanaungto Township, water from Gyobyu Reservoir will be supplied through pipelines on the bridge. Upon completion, it will be connected to the Myanmar-Korea Friendship Dala Bridge, and it will be possible to travel to Yangon in a short time.—TWA/KZL

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