Victims of overseas seasonal labour brokers find it difficult to get refunds

Those who have paid the brokers after falling prey to their persuasion to send seasonal workers to South Korea are reportedly facing difficulties in getting refunds.

Some families, believing the brokers’ words, took out an interest-bearing loan to pay an advance to the brokers.

“Brokers said we could leave for Korea in December and asked for K 7 million. We don’t know what it is for. What they are saying now is different from what they promised. Actually, we didn’t have any money and we paid them with an interest-bearing loan. They are just thinking about how to cheat others,” a person who has already paid to brokers for seasonal work told GNLM.

Some workers have demanded their money back from the brokers, who have been evading with various excuses.

“Don’t fall victim to the falsehood said by brokers. As for me, I have managed very hard to demand and get my money back. Please do ask them for refunds. Out of about 40 who demanded, only two who asked harshly were refunded,” said one victim.

Arrangements will be made to first sign the MOU between the Korean local government and the Myanmar regional government with the approval of the Korean Ministry of Justice and then it will be followed by signing the MOU between the Korean governors and the Myanmar Ministry of Labour from State/Region governments and Nay Pyi Taw council. The ministry will delegate the signing authority to the relevant chief labour officers in regions and states, MOL said in a statement.


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