Massive visitor arrivals in Bagan during Thingyan holidays

A massive influx of visitors to Bagan was seen in Thingyan, and the number seemed larger than last year, according to residents and some visitors.
Since the beginning of the tour season, the number of visitor arrivals, both foreigners and locals, to Bagan has been mounting, and even most of the hotels were full in Thingyan, said an employee from a travel service agency in Bagan.
“Most hotels were full in Thingyan. The number of visitors was huge, but it just became sparse after they returned,” he said.
People from all parts of the country, including Yangon and Mandalay regions, come to make pilgrimage tours of pagodas and temples in Bagan. “It seemed this year’s visitor number was larger than last year because there were day-trippers too. The visitor arrival was enormously large,” he said.
An increase in the number of pilgrims helped residents enjoy job opportunities, and vendors could also earn more from selling souvenirs.
It is assumed that this year’s travel was more extensive than last year’s, and it especially reached the highest in Thingyan holidays, said Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association Chair U Naung Naung Han. Among popular destinations, many visitors made pilgrimage tours to Bagan, Mandalay, Inlay and Kalaw and visiting Chaungtha, Ngwehsaung, and other newly developed beaches have also been increasing, he said. — MT/ZS/Ed

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