Visitors frequent Gubar Guest House in Machanbaw

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Interior settings and decorations are seen at Gubar Guest House in Machanbaw of Kachin State.

The Gubar Guest House near the Malikha River bank in Ward 3 of Machanbaw, Putao District, Kachin State, is full of visitors and photographers.
During the period from 1956 to 1958, Machanbaw Village was upgraded from the status of a village to that of a town and the border administration office was based there. Therefore, it was required to build a guest house to accommodate State leaders, foreign diplomats and State officials. It was named as “Gubar” after the Gubar village located at the source of Maykha River in Nagmun Township.
The Gubar Guest House was built in Financial Year 1959-1960 with an allocation K20,000 and is a two-storey building. There is form with a balcony, a living room, a VIP bedroom and a dining room upstairs, and a dining room, a kitchen and a bedroom downstairs. The bedding, furniture, beds, cabinets, and utensils to be used in the guest house were directly imported from Singapore at that time.
Everybody can also observe the feelings and suggestions written from various perspectives by Heads of State, foreign diplomats, veteran writers and special guests, in the guest book of the Gubar Guest House.
Tourists and visitors frequented the guest house by car or motorbike in winter, the open season. Visitors said that the Gubar Guest House is a must-visit place for visitors to Machanbaw, it is learnt. — Yaw Shwe Ni (Machanbaw)/CT

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