Bagan hotels fully booked during three-day holiday

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Ananda Temple in Bagan.

As many people will visit the world heritage listed Bagan during the three-day holidays from 10 to 12 February, most hotel rooms have been occupied, said director U Kyaw Myo Win from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, Bagan branch.
“There are a lot of visitors, and most of the hotels are fully booked now. Visitors are always here. It just declines a little, even on weekdays. Hotels have been fully booked since Friday because there is a three-day holiday,” he said.
Flocks of visitors around Myanmar come to visit Bagan, but most of those who come during holidays are from the Yangon and Mandalay regions.
“Visitors from Yangon and Mandalay usually come during holidays. Most visitors who tour Bagan on similar long holidays are from Yangon and Mandalay,” said residents.
In addition to Bagan, many people visit other local tourist destinations such as Kyaiktiyo, Chaungtha, Ngwehsaung, Kalaw and Inlay.
The number of local visitor arrivals was 8.85 million, while the number of foreign visitors was more than one million until November 2023.
It grew again compared to the previous year, and the number of tourist arrivals is expected to continue mounting this year, too, said an official from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. — MT/ZS/ED

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